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December 09, 2003



I travel by taxi a lot too, and during the 2004 campaign, almost every taxi driver wanted to talk about who they wanted to vote for. I got pretty much the same results as you did, a lot of them were voting for Ping.

torn and frayed

Nice to hear from another taxi commuter. The main reason I don't buy a car in Manila is that I would miss the conversations with taxi drivers too much. Take today -- my driver (who was 60+) was a music buff, with a fancy CD player betweem his seat and the passenger seat. He had extremely off-the-wall tastes, even for me, and we travelled the 20 minute journey to Mohican folk music, a Croatian pianist and Henry Mancini. Wonderful stuff. If you are a taxi addict Arlene, I would recommend the Jarmusch film, "Night on earth". I think you'll recognize some of the scenes.

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