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July 26, 2004




Welcome back!
I actually thought the Imelda movie kinda really sucked but didn't want to say so on my blog because I want people to see it just for some awareness.
Also I'm making an effort to be less bitchy.
Imelda was very lame and too tame.
Please erase this comment by the way.
I can't seem to be able to email you directly from this computer.
Also, if you could possibley ask Frayed, since my memory seems to be escaping me, to email me the name of the woman who partnered with Debbie
Enriquez in her "Jalan Jalan" catering business. Its kinda of a crazy story but she is friends with the maid of honor of a friend who just got married and I kinda need her name to make this all come full circle. I just can't remember it.
I just got back from taking a suburban friend to see the Finn brothers at a nightclub down the street from my house. the Finn brothers were in Crowded House which was never my scene. Apparently, at least from my outsider's point of view from the bar at the edge of the stage, they are the CSN (Crosby Stills & Nash) of a certain set. Quite a following. who knew?
The early thirties never felt so old... And they didn't even play the only song I knew by them, "Hey Now (its Over)"?
And you'll be happy to know that that I ordered, as per your recs, Colin Blumstone's solo albums last week and should be enjoying them soon.
So if you could please get Frayed to email me the name of the person I would be so grateful because it will complete a puzzle.

With best regards


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