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August 24, 2004



Oh my God! What an exciting news! I don't know DEUTERIUM before after I read the Philippine news paper here in the Canada. This is a miracle . So what happen now?

Art Labso

If that is true why nobody is interested. Its a news for those Filipinos who always wait for graces from the Almighty.


i am conducting a research about this matter, could you please e-mail me. this is my e-mail: [email protected]

Bro Jesse

I believed that Philippines will experience JUBILEE = DEBT



310 809 5557

Hussein Sabuya

I Believe that all the world leaders are discussing as we speak regarding these Deuterium.Soon we will notice many countries will be sending representative to the Philippines to extract these fuel.It will not be that long watch and see.

Ivy Tan

My dad's been telling me about the deuterium discovery since high school. I wouldn't believe 'cuz really, if something with that much potential was here in our country, I'd expect our government to do something about it by now

But my dad said that most of the land area where the deuterium is located has been bought by the Americans. No surprise there.

Cyril Bulawin

I've heard about deuterium way back 20 years ago while I was still in high school and the last info I've heard at that time was that the Japanese and the British are the ones who started drilling it. As of now, I don't know the progress of the drilling. I just hope that these resources will be managed right to benefit the Filipinos.


On Philippine deuterium:
The agents hired by the delirious vested interest group outside the Philippine does not want us to fully develop this new source of energy in the 21st Century.
We're not born yesterday and no wonder why in media put it us a non-sense issue.
For info. Deuterium development started during world war II.
It's about time for us Filipinos to take this into our hands and share it to the World.
For the Philippine gov't officials and leaders of our Country,mean business!
The Philippine gov't should invite foreign partners for a joint venture project in Deuterium development as our source of energy.
Good Governance and Transparency for there is consistency, certainty develops favorable environment.

Rey Ruedas

Deuterium is actually positive in the Philippines located in the pacific ocean somewhere in Surigao has the biggest deposit. The political leaders have no idea about this because they are not equiped with technical know-how and not compassionate to the poor filipinos who cannot even sufficiently eat three times a day. The poor people like are willing to utilize that deuterium in this country so that the Philippines will be one of the richess countries in the world. U.S. and other governments had proposal in mining such natural resources but the Philippine government failed to agree the terms and condition. If U.S. will operate in deuterium in the Philippines, our country will be like heaven with the Americans.

Thank you.

Cesar J. Canonizado



All of you are right. But the technology to use deuterium as fuel at this time is still being developed. Cold fusion is not yet possible, with the technology available today. But progress on its research/technology is on going....

In around 40 to 50 years, when world oil supply will be about depleted - technology focus will be on how to use deuterium. The world cant just stop and go black out without oil - so...in around 50 years, perhaps sooner..the Philippines will be the richest country in Asia. So hold on guys...hehehe

Riki Bermudez

nice thread, where is everybody now?

Rev. Ed B. Lacorte

I am waiting the developments and the process of deutertium since I first heard this on 1984. But it seems that politics is the main hindrance. I know it is our only hope to be one of the world riches country. Four months ago I heard one hidden news about the 150 Billion dollars deal to get deuterium.

Rev. Ed B. Lacorte

I think deuterium must be developed now so that the world could make any adjustment as early as possible. We are now suffering the higher price of gas in the world market.

So I am getting the attention of our beloved president of the Philippines to please,pursue the approval of digging of our very own WORLD LARGEST GAS DEPOSIT.

This will be your great ligacy for our beloved country.

God bless...

It is the only hope now.


I hate to hear these talks about deuterium fuel in surigao. it's like a bell strucked near my ears again and again. it's deafening! back in the early 90's that fuel has sent us hope of a very bright future for us Filipinos. a father of a close friend of mine, who at that time worked somewhere in Saudi, was praised by his Arab boss saying that in no time the Filipinos will be the richest country because it was featured in a local maganize that Mercedez Benz has already shown its model of their car that will be fueled by deuterium, anticipating the availability of deuterium from the our country.... imagine that?! there were rumors that the drilling operation in surigao has initially started in the 90's, however, failed due to a technical problem, the ocean current on the drill sight was so strong that no pipe can widthstand it. other rumors say that its was more on a politcal issue. they say that oil companies has already paid the drilling exploration team with a certain irressitable amount.... it just keeps me wondering why the goverment cannot allocate funds to this deuterium thing. there's no sense delaying it. If they say that the other services will be affected, damn, we are all used to it!


I thought this deuterium in the Philippines is a myth. A person i know claims this and i thought it was so absurd and unbelievable. If this is recovered and be converted into fruitful energy, then, i guess we are likely to have an abundant souce of financial wealth. Would it be enough? Well, this person i know claims that through the process of drilling down deep into the sea of Surigao could reveal the 2H or deuterium only with divine intervention. Sounds crazy right? But i was just wondering if this issue has been in the past and its been quite a big topic, how come there were no succesful attempts, (if there was), to uncover the hidden wealth? if an additional divine intervention is needed, then i must be wrong in judging the person i know to be insane, but then if theres no divinity involved then i am right, he is insane.

Reuben A. Gabuya

I'm constructing a template , which I can later launch as website. I have a webpage for Projects, and I intend to post on it a project about deuterium; especially by a group that invites possible investors to finance such project. Would you know of any group who might be interested to provide me with these details?

Don Talibong

I just want to share with you this article i read from CBN ASIA.. please read>>>>

Recently, due to many requests, The 700 Club Asia featured the audiotape of Cindy Jacobs' inspiring prophecy for the Philippines. Special guest was Pastor Jerome Ocampo, head of the Jesus Revolution revival crusade, who was in the United States when the prophecy was given.
The prophecy was delivered unexpectedly and extemporaneously last October 27, 2001. The venue was the "Catch the Fire" conference of Harvest International Ministries in California, U.S.A..

Cindy Jacobs, American founder and head of a worldwide prayer network: Generals of Intercession, author of three bestselling books on prayer, prophecy and spiritual warfare; and widely recognized "prophet to the nations" was an invited speaker.

At one point in the conference, two of a handful of Filipinos there, Pastor Jerome Ocampo and his wife Annabelle, were called onstage. They were prayed for and asked to receive the financial "love offering" for the day to benefit the "Jesus Revolution" youth revival to be held at the Luneta in Manila the next month. Cindy Jacobs was invited onstage to make the call for support for the revival.

When Cindy came up, she immediately sensed a stirring in her spirit.. "Don't you feel a sense of destiny on this stage?" remarked the prophetically gifted intercessor who had been to the Philippines once in 1996 for a conference.

"She was shaking," recalls Jerome as Cindy turned towards them. "It's as if she couldn't hold back what she wanted to say. It just exploded, tuluy-tuloy." In a high, clear, commanding voice, the words gushed out from Cindy in a torrent, without a single pause. Her prophecy was amazingly specific and accurate," Jerome marveled.. This is what she said:


"Jerome, the Lord would say to the Philippines -I am shaking everything that can be shaken so that no man can glory in what I will do. For I have waited for a generation that I could raise up a purity and a holiness in. And I am raising up firebrands!

There is a forerunner anointing coming upon the youth of the Philippines that will prepare the way of the Lord, even into the Middle East. Look and see what I will do in Mindanao. For I am going to visit in a way that you cannot imagine! I am coming to Mindanao, says the Lord, as God and the Lord of Hosts, and I am going to start appearing. As a sign that I am going to truly change the nation, I am going to show myself to the guerilla leaders. I am going to come, says the Lord, and I am going to begin at the places in the Philippines that have been the bloodiest; the places where the guerillas' insurrection have been the strongest. And I am going to come with signs and wonders and miracles! I am getting ready to pour out a miracle anointing upon the Philippines such as the earth has never seen! For Indonesia, they had a mighty rushing wind. But in the Philippines they will have the fire from heaven that will begin to fall! And this will be a purging fire! And I will say, I will visit even as if in a day, says God. Do not think that I am not able to come in a day and begin to unravel the iniquities of the nation, says the Lord!

I am going to visit the military. I am getting ready to come among the young in the military. And the Lord says, there's going to be a revolution of righteousness that comes within the military.

I'm getting ready to dethrone everything that needs to be dethroned, for even the bowls of heaven are full. Oh, I see the bowls in heaven are just getting ready to be tipped over the Philippines and I am going to spill out my glory!

And the Lord says, I will remove the shame that Satan has tried to put upon this nation! And the Lord says, look and see, for even the blood of the martyrs cries out from Saudi Arabia! The blood of the martyrs cries out from those Islamic nations, and my Filipino people that have laid their lives down. Do not think I haven't seen it! Do not think I am looking away! Do not think I do not see you! Do not think I do not see you, Philippines; for I see you! You are the apple of my eye! You are a treasure unto me!

This is the day and this is the hour when I begin to change everything, says the Lord! I'm going to change the judicial system. I'm going to dethrone corrupt judges. I'm getting ready to deal with the police force. I'm going to expose, expose, expose, expose!

And the Lord says, look and see what I will do! For I will open up my treasure chest from the Philippines! And I am going to release finances for the Philippines that will surprise and shake even Hongkong! For I am getting ready to move a distribution of wealth, says God. And I am getting ready to open the oil! I am getting ready to open that which is in the ocean! I'm getting ready to bring forth a revolution even in the economic systems, in the finance systems!

Look to the university in Manila, says God. For I am going to bring a revival that the-Oh my Lord!--- the Lord says, not hundreds, but thousands and thousands and thousands are going to get saved!! The Lord says, can I touch a whole university? Yes I can touch a whole university! I can come with my glory and I can come with my power in ways that you cannot imagine!

For I am coming, says God! I am coming and I will remain, says the Lord!

Prophecy Partially Fulfilled

"That prophecy spoke to the need of our nation," reflects Pastor Jerome "Our being there was a divine setup by God." Jerome also notes that some of the predictions in the prophecy have already come to pass. "Forty-eight (48) hours after she spoke, they hit oil in Palawan in commercial quantity! We can use that as collateral to address our foreign debt. Two months after, President Gloria Macapagal declared that the coconut levy fund would be transformed into a public fund to better benefit Filipino farmers. That's one fulfillment of the prophecy on the redistribution of wealth." That month, the United States was still reeling from the September 11 terrorist attack. "But instead of prophesying for the U.S., she prophesied for the Philippines," Jerome noted, suggesting the urgency and priority of God's Word for our nation.

Message of Hope in Crisis

"It was so positive, so full of hope, after so many negative things being said about our country." Jerome describes Cindy's words which left him and his wife both weeping, and scarcely able to "crawl back to our seats." "Without the eyes of faith, we Filipinos will be discouraged, we seem to be in the deepest hole we've ever been. But God's words give us a deep sense of assurance that God cares for the Philippines and has a destiny for our nation. We're not at the mercy of chance, politicians, the economy."

The Filipinos Response

"We are entering a new season of hope. Before it was hope against hope. The prophecy is painting a dream for the Philippines. And we can verbalize it in prayers for our nation." says Jerome. His organization, Jesus Revolution, has responded with calls to intercession and fasting in different parts of the Philippines for a whole year to pray prophecy into reality. (One is scheduled March 16 , 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Word of Hope Church on EDSA Av. just opposite Shoemart North Edsa.)

"The prophecy gave back our desire to make our nation great one more time. It's a baptism of confidence. We cannot let discouragement and negatives come upon us . We must speak and work positively, strive to be holy." Jerome describes the challenge of God's Word to act out in faith what He has already ordained and empowered to come to pass.

Call to the Youth

The prophecy describes that it is the "firebrands," the Filipino youth that will carry the flames of revival. "The whole generation that won our independence as a nation was composed of young people. And that love for country, love for God will come back with the same intensity," Jerome predicts. "We're going to see the birth of young, zealous revolutionaries for the Lord."

"One half, or 50% of our population is age 25 and below. They are not born to live their lives just any way they want. They're born for a destiny, not for drugs, or immorality, but to bring change upon this nation." One month after Cindy's prophecy, on Andres Bonifacio Day, Jesus Revolution launched a day of prayer and fasting that brought an estimated 150,000 people to Luneta, 85% of these were young people. "There's a fire among young people nationwide. We're going to do this again on March 27 in Western Visayas, November in Davao City, we want to do it in Aparri, Panay, Negros, Tacloban, Samar." (Jesus Revolution can be called at tel: 646-6474. E-mail: [email protected])

The Most Prophesied Generation

This has been the most prophesied (over) generation!", observes Jerome. "There's peace in my heart that God is going to visit our nation. And as Cindy said, He can do it in a day! Things are going to climax. There's such a hunger for change!" (Watch this website for Part II of Prophecies for the Philippines. )


about deuterium....hummmmmm, it's business guys! with the increasing cost of fossil oil on the go and reaching the economic scale of extracting this God given solution.. i think realization is near...let's hope for the best. Pilipinos need it very badlyyyy.


"If my people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way/s, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
II Chronicles 7:14


"If my people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way/s, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
II Chronicles 7:14



From the Present to the Future
A Special Report

By: The Inventor of the Deuterium Recovery System
Metro Manila, Philippines


Jules Verne in 1874 predicted Hydrogen to be the fuel of the future. Dr. Jacob Bigeleisen discovered that at room temperature or under atmospheric condition, Deuterium atoms are electrolyzed naturally out of water in the form of Hydrogen gas. These discoveries paved the way for the harnessing of Hydrogen as alternative to fossil fuels.

Deuterium is the isotope of Hydrogen having twice the mass of ordinary Hydrogen symbol D2O.

Hydrogen Fuel (Deuterium) is now used in U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Japan and other countries as fuel for vehicles on land, sea, air and to outer space. Using Hydrogen over other sources of fuel has significant advantages, limited only by the scarce supply of Deuterium at present.

Current advancement in fuel cells technology to replace internal combustion engines, require adequate and sustainable supply of Hydrogen fuel at the lowest cost to the fast growing fuel cells industry. Cheap Hydrogen will also reactivate all idled Hydrogen based industries worldwide affected by high petroleum costs. This will boost multi-national food, chemical, and metal industries.

This alternative, viable, clean, and renewable source for our future energy requirements is now possible when indigenous deuterium from the ocean depths is properly exploited.

The largest reserves of Deuterium is located in the Philippine trench, 728 km. long, 42 km. at the widest point and 10,050 m. at the deepest point, and replenished by nature 24 hrs. a day when Deuterium traveled more than 12,000 km. from central America to the Philippines across the pacific ocean, while planet earth turns on its axis from west to east in perpetual motion.

Being concentrated Hydrogen, Deuterium is formed when Hydrogen from H2O is subjected to the intense pressure of water mass at the ocean floor, at depths of about 8,000 m. to 10,000 m. (32,800 ft) below sea level; with hydrostatic pressure of 14,000 psi. or more at this depth, causes the oxygen in water to disengage, separate and escape naturally, leaving only Hydrogen isotopes in forming Deuterium. Deuterium when exposed to room temperature at atmospheric conditions electrolyzes into Hydrogen gas for fuel.
Hydrogen gas does not emit pollutants or any harmful carbon monoxide, and does not cause any environmental problems, being part of the water family. The resultant emissions are nothing but water vapor or steam. This may even reduce the existing pollution to zero level and ultimately restore environmental balance, when cloud formation are enhanced in this process with increased clean rainfall and minimized acid rain, gradually restore the ozone layer of the earth, thus invigorating the environment.

Until now however, beside my invention, no operative technology exists to recover the Deuterium deposits from the vast reserves in the Philippine trench.


In the 1970’s the OPEC Petroleum crisis caused a scramble for exploration of alternative energy resources to offset the rising cost of fossil based fuels in power generation, coupled with the knowledge that these fossil based fuels are nearing depletion within the next 50 years. And indeed, the source of alternative energy was found.

Through the efforts of various explorers funded by scientific, and oceanographic foundations, Deuterium was discovered in the Philippine trench in the late 1970’s and yet it was not exploited to meet the growing demand for alternative energy that is environmentally friendly with no harmful emissions.

So far there are no attempts by other proponents of alternative energy to harness the indigenous Deuterium from the Philippine trench. This proponent and inventor of the “Deuterium Recovery System” realized there is a crying need and urgent necessity to fill the void in alternative energy to combat pollution, hence the Deuterium Recovery System was born, with the vision to tap this inexhaustible source of indigenous, environmental friendly fuel for power generation and to eliminate transport emission that caused more than 80% of global pollution.

The inventor started in 1987, the painstaking research and work hard designing his invention to perfection, and the application for issuance of patent was filed in 1997 with the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (I.P.O.) where it is pending until now, with no technical objection from the examiner, except for the archaic provision of the Law on Patents which requires that an invention must be tangible and operative to merit approval by the I.P.O. regardless of cost. It is sad to say however, that the examiner lacks the perception to perceive that what was being presented is a system to recover Deuterium and is not a mere piece of utility object and to make this invention operative requires millions of U.S. dollars in capital and operating investment.

The only alternative now towards the realization to recover the Deuterium deposits from the Philippine trench is for this invention, to make it to the operative stage so it would be a boom to civilization.
It can be candidly said that this can be done only if there are individuals or institutions who are environmentally concerned, with Financial capability and who are dedicated enough to support the Financial requirements of this project/invention to make it operative. It must be noted also that this invention has multi-purpose applications: It can be converted to propel hydro-electric turbines to generate electricity and can be utilized to recover fresh water from deep seas and lakes to forestall the impending water crisis throughout the world.

This is one project that can address simultaneously the present environmental concerns of planet Earth concerning: Climate Change, International Power Supply, Ozone Layer Recovery and most important is Clean Power Generation.

The Philippine Government itself if it has the political will, can transform the proposal herein into reality if those involved have the discernment and vision of the future technological advancement of the country, considering that the Philippines is the only country in the world blessed by nature to possess this tremendous source of energy.

Preliminary Study on the Feasibility and Viability
Of the Deuterium Project
(Hydrogen Fuel)

Based on the foregoing background of the Deuterium Phenomenon, this proposer humbly presents this pioneering proposal to the Philippine government and to other interested foreign or local investors, particularly the UNDF-GEF with the hope that their wise and timely involvement in this Deuterium project will hasten the early realization of a new alternative energy in power generation, to minimize and check pollution.

Technically this is a risk venture in a new technology, fraught with oceanographic hazards, without precedent in energy research, exploration and development in the search for alternative energy resources. It should be noted however, that all safeguards and safety precautions can be addressed and will be in place before the setting of the pipelines/flexible conduits. The potential of success for this project, out-weigh the risks in terms of fast return on investments. In two years time, the initial capital investment could be recovered, far exceeding the revenue earnings of any industry.

Our immediate concern and priority is to set-up the pilot (prototype) Deuterium Recovery System facility that would be immediately operative as demonstration model to prove the feasibility and viability of the Deuterium project as the core of the future Hydrogen Economy.

Considering that the Deuterium Reserves is capable of producing 12,000,000 barrels per day of Hydrogen Fuel, we could imagine the potential profits possible when this project is fully developed to the full production capacity.

A memorandum of understanding (in principle) is urgently necessary to show to the government and financial institutions the seriousness of this proposal and for them to consider favorably its approval. In the light of the urgency of this projects (The Deuterium Recovery Facility), the inventor/recipient of grant in aid to this project will likewise in reprocity, after the success of this project shall execute a testimonial of recognition and appreciation to the Inventor/Donor and grant them cash or stock options, the sum of which is equal to his grant in aid plus 40% from whatever amount of net profit derived from the production of the pilot project, divided pro-rata by the number of participants.

Preparation of work program required, as well as negotiation of ancillary contract bids for the Deuterium project can be done in the following months after our understanding and receipt of funds. Therefore, it is safe to assume that offshore schedule activities with the project can be targeted within the next 2 years.

The Deuterium Recovery System/Serial No.: I-5665
Telefax: (632) 651-0166 or c/o (632) 295-3781
E-mail: [email protected]


Wake up people. The deuterium "phenomenon" is a hoax. It has no use other than a moderator for nuclear reactors. Besides, it is naturally found in water. the Philippines has no monopoly over it.

It's development is sure to be overtaken by fuel cells. So get on with your lives. It's not going to fuel this country or any country for that matter.


I'm sorry, it was not a hoax! Deuterium is for real, the FUEL OF THE FUTURE.

Philip Faja

May i know what is the government is doing about the deuterium to develop a full blast in our water deep

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