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August 30, 2004


Rey Ruedas

The Discovery Crusade of the Philippines International, Inc. continues to propagate the issue about deuterium in the Philippines. The main objective of the Discovery Crusade is to restore the 1935 Philippine Constitution or the commonweath government so that U.S.A. will be our partner like what happens in Puerto Rico and Guam and other American territories. Their governments are more progressive than our country because corruptions were eradicated due to the presence of the Americans. The Philippines is still owned by the U.S. government by virtue of Treaty of Paris and not yet transfered by any legal means up to the present time. The said Philippine independence is only political and is not a ground to convey the Philippine Islands to the Filipino people on the ground of lack of ratification by the U.S. congress. Supposed to be, the certificate of independence should be attached to the new Philippine constitution to prove that there was a valid grant by the U.S. government as approved by their Congress as to the legitimacy of the Philippine Islands ownership or independence. The June 12, 1898 independence is a fake independence because it lacks of legal bases.

If the Philippines will be a partner for the second time by the U.S. government, this country will be like heaven with the Americans but now it is run like hell by the Filipinos.

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