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October 31, 2004



Thanks, Torn,
For the shout out.
I've tried to be somwhat conservative in airing my poltical beliefs on my site since all I seem to care about is art and rock and roll anyways.
But right now I'm a bit petrified. I'm voting early in the morning and, cos its part of my gig as as a pseudo-journalista, I'll be working through the next night at least; the way this screwed-up country is, I'll be camping out at work, following the polls until resolution- well, for the next couple of days.
We're all- the world - is seriously fucked if this US administration continues.
We'll see how it evolves tommorow.


You made a really comforting point about the Peelster's passing - at least he was in a fun place and not in a home or something. Its the way to go, and pop idols are wise not to get too old. I mean, what becomes a legend most?
Well, I figure Peel already did a solid job at establishing a legacy for others.
"Teenage Kicks" number one next week methinks?!
How scary might lost-in-a-pint Feargal Sharkey be now?

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