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October 12, 2004



interesting piece.

My two cents is that our "democracy" is probably still the best for us, at least considering the alternatives.

What can change the scene is for someone to somehow implement better elections AND fix the requirements of the elections. Duterte and Bayani Fernando have virtually nil chances of gaining the presidency as long as the masa vote is in place.

Ironically, the neighborhood tambay's or the town drunkard's vote has as much weight as your own. More if he has the blessing of the mayor. Maybe we should reduce the voting populace to those who pay taxes? or have permanent home addresses? Maybe ban the deadweights of society? I dunno.

But as long as the local officials (and of course the national officials) allow these virtual voting milking cows to exists, I doubt there would be any change in our system.


Thanks for the comment. I agree that democracy is the best option for the Philippines. My ruminations on the possibility of a move to the right weren't prompted by any desire for that to happen, I just wanted to see whether there was any likelihood that it would.

I'm sure you are right that the key lies to mobilizing the masa vote, but that has been done by rightists in countries in similar situations (Thaksin in Thailand, for example). However, if the right is to attract popular support, it needs a proper party machinery. If Lacson doesn't have that in place he will inevitably be blown away by either a populist leader with wide name recognition (e.g. FPJ) or by a trapo skilled at working through local party bosses (Gloria).

I don't think I would be in favour of a restrictive franchise though. After all, who would do the selecting? And since the neighbourhood tambay is as affected by government policies as the rest of us, I think he deserves a say. And finally, if we are talking about deadweights, I think there are plenty of those in the property-owning classes.

Your own blog is interesting by the way -- I'll add it to my reading list.

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