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November 14, 2004


Guggi Kofod

Hi Alastair,

as a bit of moderation, I just want to let you know that I bought Iris Chang's book (mandatory reading!) in Japan. My copy is in English, I don't remember a Japanese version in the display. I bought it at Tokyo International Forum, an exhibition hall and conference center, which I recall had some kind of 'for greater interpeople understanding' air about it. I suppose that no Japanese _publisher_ took it in, but it was available in Japan nonetheless.

Sige, ingat

torn and frayed

Magendang Gabi Gugi -- Thanks for the clarification. Well, it's true they haven't actually *banned* the English language version, they don't have to if it's just on sale at places like the Tokyo International Forum. Still, nationalists were successful in forcing a manga dealing with the massacre to be withdrawn (please see the post of 20 October, linked above).

There are right-wing nationalist nutters in every country, what is distinctive about Japan is that these people are actually in positions of political power, able to ban books and distort the national historical memory in favour of some mythical imagined past.

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