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November 28, 2004



Very timely reminder to all. BTW were you assaulted by the original version of the song, or the new one (ugh)?


Nice one on Live Aid. But it was missing one element: an estimation of the price of the cocaine the performers stuffed up their noses measured against how much money the record raises. I suspect they will be very similar sums. Call it a white Christmas.


Good points, there. All too often people (and not just pop stars) use charity as a means to tell the world how good and kind they are. I wish they'd stop using the assorted causes in the world (and there are many) as a cheap PR trick and mean it, for a change.


I have just seen a cartoon in the British satirical mag, Private Eye (hey, it takes a while for mail to get all the way out here). It takes a photo of the performers and gives them a collective speech bubble with a new name for the song -- "Do they know who we are?"

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