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January 10, 2005



oh wow! i'm very flattered u think my blog is worthy of an award. thanks dude! :)

Carl Parkes

Excellent blog. I'm gonna borrow your post and put it on my blog.......but you can have it back whenever you like. Yes, I nominated both Sassy and Pinoy Blog in that contest, and Pinoy Blog is not a real blog (as I admitted when I nominated) but Sassy won rightfully, Pinoy Blog was just a good lead, and you did very well all things considered.

And I never knew you were an expat.


Congratulations on your success in the awards! That's great news - makes you realise just how many people are out there reading blogs...even those written by people I know! I'm still out here reading, though my own blog is a little quiet and self-absorbed recently since I just started a new job. I'm starting to miss quite a number of things about Manila now the novelty of being back in the UK has worn off, but when I want my hit of Filipiniana I know where to go.


Torn and frayed in Manila - very catchy, very original. Your creative juices are on the flow.

Keep it up Mr. Expat! And enjoy your stay in our country! Ü



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