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February 25, 2005



This was SO laugh-out-loud funny! People can say what they want regarding the Milli Vanillis and Ashlee Simpsons of the world --but I could never lipsynch even half as well. It's a talent, I suppose. And obviously a lucrative one. You think this guy's going to make a killing from his talent? Something in me hopes so. :)


Hey Torn
Glad you liked the clip. I came upon it by accident when away skiing (we're just back). Daughter Holly had the song "Dragostea Din Tei" by O-Zone on a CD, and we went googling for the lyrics, and up came this young lad from New Jersey doing the lip sync. Needless to say, it was the anthem of the holiday! We also found this link: http://www.big-boys.com/articles/myamya.html which shows just how popular the clip is. Enjoy.
Jetlagged... I'm off to bed. The lyrics? With English translation: http://www.catteacorner.com/dragosteadintei.htm

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