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February 03, 2005



I suspect this lady is living not too far from me! I already met a couple of Filipinas on a local train and surprised them by trying out my Tagalog...maybe one day Carla and I will meet. And I'll remember to think that the experience is merely 'pretty cool' not 'fantastic' or anything ridiculous like that.


To the blog owner: No, I don't mind that you posted parts of my article. Thank you very much, indeed. :-)

To Lucy: You're luckier than I am because I haven't met any Filipnos around here. Actually, I met a Filipina nurse and her husband and we were texting each other. Then I lost my phone.

Ian Alvarez

I am working in Saudi Arabia and I remember one time when my boss and I had a disagreement on how to call a 'BASURAHAN'. I am used to calling it as trash can while he wanted me to call it a rubbish bin. It's petty but it doesnt end there. We also quarrelled with the spelling of some of the words. He hates it when I sound american.

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You're a braver woman than I it was weeks before I could even begin to think about looking at the incisions from my lap. Even now I don't like to touch them.


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The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible".

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