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February 25, 2005



Only in the Phils :-)

emma lachica

pray tell mr/ms. reporter-what about you? have you FOUND your GOD yet?
if you are a SMART reporter, why don't you ask the powers that be, this one overpowering question:

dennis has been TORTURED and DETAINED since february 20. if ms.wang is his supposed ACCOMPLICE, WHY is it that she is FREE and NOT DETAINED too?

and WHEN does it follow that if you have gambling habits, YOU ARE already GUILTY of the KIDNAPPING charge? remember, NO ONE is GUILTY until PROVEN in court-BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT!

Samito Jalbuena

As of last count, Dennis has already turned to God and is now a pastor of a born-again fellowship somewhere in Kamuning, QC. All bets are off!


Yeah, he is an assisstant pastor at Life Giver church in Kamuning...Just my few cents, all people have the capability to change, should they choose to do so. I just believe that he already have his testimony, cause I know him personally...nothing is impossible with God

Account Deleted

Hi! Ptr Dennis ! I am Sis Laarni Razul.Remember me I approached you after the service in City Church Panabo .I really pray you can join our Sambang Pinoy Free Concert and Medical Mission in DAPECOL on Sept 30.are you available? Please confirm on 09396551767.Thanks

gambling addiction

Wow, I don't knew that he is a gambler :O



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