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February 25, 2005



Gambling should be banned. I hate it when they keep showing those ads of PAGCOR doing this and that charity work. PAGCOR gets charity money from bigtime gamblers who steal money from government which causes adverse poverty that is alleviated by PAGCOR charity...and on an on and on
Remember that video of plunderer Erap playing Baccarat?


I sympathize, but the gambling mentality is so deeply ingrained in Filipino culture that to ban it will only criminalize it further (jueteng is still illegal after all).

Yes, I remember that video and the disappearance of Edgardo Bentain, the lowly casino operative who was unwise enough to give it to the press. Any time someone tells me what a nice guy erap really is I think about Edgar's no doubt brutal death, the sadness of his family and the goons that carried out this terrible crime. Most of all I think about how no-one seems to give a damn about it, no doubt because Bentain was poor. I wrote about Bentain a while back: http://tornandfrayed.typepad.com/tornandfrayed/2003/08/edgardo_bentain.html


I wonder though if Bentain knew what the consequences would be when he leaked those tapes? If he did then by God what big balls and what strong conviction he's got.

Casinos should be banned because that's where the big action gambling takes place. All other forms of petty gambling should be regulated and bets capped, ala Singapore. The Chinese are more indomitable gamblers than us so I can't see why it won't work in the Philippines.

linda bruel

Gambling should be banned , i agree

linda bruel

Gambling should be banned

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