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February 18, 2005


Major Tom

Greetings from Mars...Its sad that many good artists wont be doing some of their thing here just because of the bombing. I think Norah Jones is worth the risk.


Hi al! Im surprised. :o) I didnt think that - after all these years of living in Manila - you would actually let a bombing hold you back. My hunch is that the concert will be cancelled anyway. But then again you never know.


Yes, that was my point -- that it would be cancelled anyway. I would certainly go whatever the security situation. I don't think it is the sort of event that would be bombed. But with the US State Department issuing a new advisory last week, I agree that it may not go ahead.


I've no idea whether Norah Jones came to Manila or not (truth be told, I don't know who Norah Jones is). But when these performers cancel (as plenty have), it usually has nothing to do with personal fear. The problem is that insurance companies won't cover them or their equipment in places that are recognised as unsafe.


some concerts cancel not because of security reasons but due to poor ticket sales..enrique iglesias..


Well, she came and we were blown away! A glorious day for all the fans (me included) who were left awe-struck by her breath-taking performance.

May this be the start of good concerts ahead.

It's not so bad here as the press would like you to think :)

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