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February 27, 2005



i don't think ruben ecleo's cult is named Jesus Christ followers??? isn't it PBMA? philippine benevolent missionaries association. who could be your source of information that you can not even have the right name for their cult?


If you read the post more carefully, you will see that nowhere does it say Ecleo is the head of the Jesus Christ Followers. The post starts with that movement because it was profiled in the Inquirer but then develops into a discussion on cults in the Philippines in general, including Ecleo's.


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Raffy Canlas

These cult leaders are lucky son-of-a-bitches! They can have sex with as many women and children as they want.By remaining in some secluded ranch, stronghold or properties, they can hide their abomination from the law. But the old rule stays: "There's a sucker born every minute". Roughly translated, "Walang taong naloloko kundi nagpapaloko."Throw them all in jail, let's see whom they'll have sex with next!


YES, PBMA is a cult. The "Missionary Association" is just a font.... PBMA even of its denial to be a cult, is a cult just hiding itself so that no one will suspect them and that everyone will welcome to join them.

NO Doctrine??? AHEMMMM... and what a about the ring??? Which PBMA quoted to from the book of Revelation teaching them that they are those people, and that they are the only one who can read it, with matching extra "SECRET CODE" of shake hands just like fraternities.

Come-on guys... don't fool yourselves. The fact that you recognize Ecleo to be a "DIVINE Master" is recognizing him as god. Divinity is only attributed to God or gods. In its sense, Ecleo is god. They you won't admit that it is not a cult. Funny but FOOLISH... Fanatically liars... misleading.

Your divine master taught love and benevolence with what influence, "DRUGS"???? or by the Holy Spirit??? Or does he get the Holy Spirit only when he is under the influence of drugs???

I think PBMA members are just blinded on things like this. Put your faith to God, to Jesus Christ and not to man. Every time you call your master "Divine 'M'aster", you recognize that he is God, that itself is a doctrine about God which classifies you as cult, yet claiming to be Christians.

I myself have PBMA classmates. And I have seen how PBMA leaders made them a slave. Tsk... But still they have devotions to Ecleo. Sorry, I can't call him divine master.... I would commit blasphemy then. He is just a man, a natural born leader. It's just sad because he made you into a cultic movement.

maribao mark angelo nobleza

hahahay,,pastilan kini atong mga igso-on gud wla man gud makabalo unsay gisudlan, pun-an pa sa mga,la-og,hakog,maphimuslanon na daghan ang na-ilad,og daghan ang nasukamag,pastilan kalo-oy jud,,ako may uyab man ko na PBMA,,pastilan mao ra jud na ako hisgutan,ingon siya na mau,,daghan og accomplishments,daghan daw og natabangan,,karon kay nabuntis siya sa liain niyang uyab,,ambot PBMA ba pud to,,karon ang ang pangutana may nitabang ba wla,,kundi ako lang na yanong tao nga nitan-aw sa kaayohan nya,,para nako dili man siguro kinahanglan ang dunay grupo para makatabang!




members of PBMA would say that it's not a sect or religion, but simply an association. But ecleo himself is regarded as "divine master", an attribute for god. How can this "cult" be in lined with the teaching of Christ where in fact ecleo seems to be the Christ himself...bt remember this divine master is not truly divine, he will surely die and on the 3rd day he will be decomposed...open your eyes our dear brothers and sisters who hope the man who cannot save your soul...

Balikbayan box

I believed that its not in religion.Its our faith in God.



pwede nyo po sabihin asan po ang address ng pbma na malapit sa Manila?gusto ko po mag member noon pa saan po ito?I want to know the address of PBMA branch in Manila if there is any, please help me i want attend their mass next sunday.(is there in sunday? or saturday?)do you have landline number?


yung manggamot ay di masama. ang paniniwala sa kanilang leader yun ang mali. nakikita ko rin kung pano nila binigyang importansya ang kanilang leader. di nila alam na ang kanilang master ay tao lng at hindi dios, kung magresearch lang sila, yug master nila ay nagstudy sa ibang bansa ng kung ano-anu at yun ang ginamit para makadala ng mga tao. kahit sino pweding magkaroon ng kaalaman katulad ng mga ecleo kung mapunt ng ibang bansa at magstudy ng sunskrit,arabic,hebrew at kung ano pa. kaya di dapat nilang gawing dios ang tao lang na nagpunta ng ibang bansa,at pagbalik ay naging dios na?


what could be the role of ecleo in the life of his members? if he is the holy spirit who said that? if they quoted bible texts to prove it, who gave them the bible to be read and interpreted like that? the bible must be a product of the faithful who has been existing from the time it was written until now, it cannot be read correctly by outsiders of this writing community..


members of PBMA, where are we going from here? we have no direction. we have divine master but to where does he lead us? his life shows how he is misled from the truth, goodness, love and security...Jesus Christ formed community but he himself was the role model but this divine master ruben ecleo has done many 'un-divine" actions..maybe we need to open up our eyes and put our trust to the true Savior Jesus Christ...

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is the Holy Spirit has said that? if the biblical texts cited to prove, that gave the Bible must be read and interpreted in this way? the Bible must be a product of the faithful was in force from the time it was written so far

Nike Shox Turbo

Mistakes are an essential part of education. (Bertrand Russell, British philosopher)

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