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March 31, 2005



Why didn't these two people marry each other 30 odd years ago? The attraction was instantaneous, as I understand from recollections of their first meeting at a polo match.

Anyhow, I really can't understand the continuing fascination for royals among the British. Why does a modern republic tolerate and finance these nitwits who don't appear to be performing any sort of unifying function and instead endorse causes like fox-hunting?


Of course I completely agree, but if you think it is bad now you should have seen what it was like 25 years ago! The Queen's jubilee in 1977 was one of the most depressing days in the history of the Britain, with lots of twee "street parties" and remembering the good blitz camaraderie. The only thing that saved the day was the fact that the Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen" sat at number 2 in the charts. The first royal wedding four years later was almost worse, though fortunately I went out with a friend, drank a bottle of tequila before 11am, had a minor car accident, and saw another friend's band so managed to steer clear of most of it. I think the royals are on the way out -- "nitwits" is a good description. I think it was the bloke from the housemartins who said that they should be cut up into little pieces and sold to Japanese tourists -- I have always thought there was something in that.


as for Camille & Charles... I say, you can't shake who you are really meant to be with. I actually find it romantic... in an old, divorce-laden, scandal-bathed sort of way. I'm really happy for them.

Carl Parkes

I only wish there was some way for the British monarchy to skip a generation and go right past Charles, and grant the crown to his elder son. Charles is an embarasment but we can only hope for the best with his kids.


I can find nothing even mildly sympathetic to say about Charles and Camilla (that how you spell the bloody woman's name?). They are a pair of braying, Welly-wearing, landowning snobs. One is as unpleasant looking as the other and both should be given 50 yards' start and then set upon by the Quorn Hunt.

The only possible benefit they can bring to society is, if Camilla becomes queen, it will almost certainly set in motion a movement that will do away with the monarchy.


Thanks for the plug, torn.

I agree that Charles and Camilla should have got married years ago - imagine how different things would have been. We'd have been saved all that crap about Diana and her death and she would probably have been a happier camper too. Thoug the offspring of the happy couple might not have been quite as easy on the eye as young Wills (but Harry's no oil painting is he?)

Having said all that, we shouldn't have to put up with any of them and the comment about them being nitwits is quite right. If only Britain were a modern democratic state. Sadly we're a class-ridden monarchy able to get away with pretending to be anything else because we have an elaborate system for pretending to provide representation of the people, and because were first to invent the factory, and hence now have a decent economy.

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