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June 27, 2005



Please run for King of Manila! I´d be among your crowd so you can make it 5,001....

I´m fascinated by the current situation with the barnacle, do keep us updated...finding it hard to get any comprehensible reports from anywhere else as the Filipino media assume that you know a huge amount and a lot of Tagalog words already!


Lest everyone who is so busy being fixated on this latest presidential debacle forget: in the Philippines, presidential debacles are more the rule than the exception.

So why the fuss? The ultimate origins of this mess can be traced back to our ridiculously tolerant society in the first place. Before we cast the first stone, recall that we not only tolerated but cheered on GMA's ascent to power extra-constitutionally in the first place. And now we have the gall to exhibit "indignation" at this quaint transgression?

Check out the following article for some refreshing insight on this matter:

The fall of a philosopher-king


"Conveniently, Ms. Arroyo has since been "re-elected" constitutionally (something possible in a nation that loosely defines the term) in 2004. Or has she? That question is now the buzz of 2005 -- another one of those all-too-common things that distract the Pinoy from that elusive job of nation building (remember the concept? Not.). That little after-the-fact legalisation of the 2003 power grab that we thought had been neatly swept under the rug (a la tapal Vulcaseal) is something worth bringing up now as the nation lurches towards another dose of its favourite laxative -- Fiesta Revolution! We need to remind ourselves yet again that we in fact not only deserve each other, we deserve the Philippine Government."

Happy reading! ;)


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