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June 16, 2005



Good article - I couldn't agree more. When I heard Damon Albarn talking about this on the radio, his other gripe was the lack of African musicians at any of the Live 8 gigs. Sir Bob (I assume in response) now seems to have absorbed a Cornish WOMAD type festival (originally organised by Peter Gabriel) that does feature African musicians. Lucky it happened to be on the same day as the main Hyde Park gig!


But before the Live 8 people altered their line-up, they first had to deride Albarn by saying that Live 8 was not an arts festival but is meant to be a popular concert to attract the apolitical public . Hmmm...so it's okay to save black people but not to have them entertain the ones who are trying to save them? It's okay to have them at arts festivals but not in mainstream events?

This reminds me of the original Live Aid song: "Do they know it's Christmas time at all?" Uh, they might but it's irrelevant since a lot of them are Muslims.

Charity and chauvinism--never a pretty pair.


I’m glad you mentioned that line ("Do they know it's Christmas time at all?"), which sums up the whole patronizing, ignorant, sentimentality of Live Aid.

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