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July 14, 2005



Oh that is just hateful news. I've had half notions of moving to Subic -- I am horrified to hear of it's condition. I thought they were really trying to maintain its viability. FEDEX leaving will certainly not help

carlos celdran

I heard that Fed Ex will still maintain a presence in Subic but it just wont be the hub anymore.

Either way, it sucks that there is no way we can compete with China.


Might as well invite UPS to fill in. :D


When Dick Gordon lured Fed Ex to Subic in the mid-90s it was the linchpin in the plan to make the place viable. I suspect the departure will prove Gordon right -- the zone is screwed. It is symptomatic. Like so many things Philippine, they dillied, they dallied and now China will bury what little is left of the economy. Thailand has tourism to fall back on and Indonesia has raw materials. The Philippines has crooked clowns in office, no planning and too many babies.

Dave Starr

There's no doubt that some of the cited ills of the Philippines contributed to this decisions, but it's been mind-boggling to me that Subic ever was the Asian hub. This is much more a case of someone in senior planning at FedEx pulling their head out of their behind than the Chinese defeating the Philippines.

Dick Gordon certainly was a Meister of spin ... (or some kind of inducement) to attract FedEx there to begin with, but just think where the packages go and tell me how many can reach the consumer without another flight from Subic ... and how many can reach the consumer without another flight from GZ?

It's no secret that Americans are anti-geography/geography ignorant, FedEx has only so-far proved that they suffered under this handicap for years.


Ha Ha Tough shit. I hope all the businesses there close their doors and you'll sure be happy to see those big gray US Liberty ships again huh ? You said the American presence was to blame for you little prostitution problem back in the day. BULLSHIT. The US has been gone completely since 1991 but Angeles City and Subic are still big Ho zones. I know, I've been back twice since 2000. All I have to say is tough shit, you looked a gift horse in the mouth for many years and your wonder boy Gordon thought you were better without us so he could steal much more unchecked. You'll see this whole experiment will blow in your faces. When the US pulled out you became more isolated. You converted buildings into lavish hotels ....for no one. No one will vacation there except out of country asains looking for a cheap ho for the night.

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