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July 14, 2005


Bong Rivera

I have observed the people who are really concern with the situation of our country, particular the businessowners here and the foreign investors, truly that they are really just neutral about the political insanity in our country. In fact, we're very lucky compared with the neighbor countries who are suffering calamities, famine, poverty and other catastrophes. Kahit papano, may malasakit pa rin sa atin ang ating gobyerno, Our President is really keeping on working hard the economy to raise up the filipino people in a good and qualities living. Why they should ousting Gloria as the President in our country? Why the opposition should do this lousy rally? What are their plans to the poor people who just using them in their intention to the government? There are so many filipino people na talagang "SAWA" na sa mga "USERS" (public Officials)na gumagawa ng kalokohan para makamit lamang ang sariling mithiin. Afterwards, sino ang kawawa! di ba ang mga uto-utong walang kamuwang-muwang na nagpagamit?


Ah, GMA's propensity to put her foot where her mouth is. Priceless.

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