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July 02, 2005



This is what I see in Roces: she is the valve in the pressure cooker. Despite her losing it that day, she held back from the brink, which means she's foregone two chances to call out the mobs. One more strike, and she's out. At the same time, she has clearly shown disdain for the usual suspects rallying in Makati. This helps them neutralize themselves -its Jinggoy, Maceda, etc. trying to pretend they know what people power is, that's paralyzing the middle forces.

At the same time, she's allowed Cory Aquino to get a foot in the door, and I don't think we can discount a Two Widows Finally Speak Up scenario, or, conversely, that having neutralized herself while allowing people to realize how cathartic it is to vent, the field is once again left to Cory. I think Cory will have to speak up sooner or later, and she can contribute to the tipping point.


Thanks for the clarification. Anything that disturbs the plotting of people like Jinggoy is fine by me of course. On the other hand, Enrile reckons she might unite the opposition, so I guess it could swing either way.

But what about her role after the current crisis? According to Sassy, Roces has said “willing to lead the country." Who could view that prospect with anything but disquiet? She would be merely a figurehead for the forces of chaos and disorder. The triumph of the id.

As for Cory, her entrance into the equation is even more baffling to me! I haven’t met anyone who thinks her presidency was anything but a huge disappointment. And what about the events at Luisita, haven’t they tainted her saintly reputation?

The longer I live here the less I understand.


By all accounts, Enrile will be hammered with allegations of massive fraud when the administration releases its own version of the Garci tapes. Recall that Susan and her husband both looked slightly askance at many in the opposition, and she feels stronger about that, since she may blame their bickering for her husband's death (just as she lost it over GMA's apology which rubbed salt into her wounds). I think some middle forces, including Cory, are wooing Susan to keep her from doing something rash, and having lost it on national TV Susan will be inclined to be extra-prudent.

Cory is the lodestar still, of many people, as far as democratic action. Definitely, if Cory speaks up for impeachment or resignation, the President will have lost yet another prop. Regardless of her presidency (which achieved two main things: keeping democracy afloat, and accomplishing a transition, remember we had the most phenomenal economic growth ever until Gringo's coups), she remains aa figure of great importance.


As for Susan, it seems to me that any political authority she has derives from the masa support for her late husband. Yet the only way she has of mobilizing that political capital is through FPJ's political handlers. If Susan decides to hold a rally, for example, she needs the hakot crowds of Binay, etc. Without them no one will show up. The handlers are an unsavoury lot and they ran a shocking campaign, but they are the people her husband threw his lot in with. If she moves into "the centre" (and I'm not sure I'm entirely sure where that is) I think she will be ineffectual.

I accept what you say about Cory, I didn't accord enough importance to her symbolic importance as "the lodestar of democratic action" as you eloquently put it.

So the centre may have two symbols--Susan and Cory-- but who will actually be behind them? I can't see anyone from the opposition moving into the centre (except perhaps the enigmatic Ping), so this yet-to-be-constructed centre will be a sort of GMA-lite, people who want her economic policies to continue, but don't want her. The opposition will surely fight tooth and nail to stop that from happening. The current polarization is perfect for them--GMA is unpopular, so the only alternative is--us!

Funny you should mention Gringo. I was just wondering what he was doing today.

Thanks as always for your insights. I always learn a lot from what you have to say.


It is with great disdain that I realize that all the years I have been away, the Philippines has not changed. You still have a few families that control everything. As they fight each other, the people are conned into this charade. I watched ABS as many of the opposition participants complained that they weren't paid their two hundred pesos to protest. If Gloria had paid them 300, they would have been on her side. Such is politics in the Philippines. And the whole world is watching.

There are a great many of us who would like to return home. We would provide much needed money for investment that would improve the citizens welfare. However, stupid laws restricting ownership and business investment keeps us right where we are, instead of helping our compatriots. Dual citizenship is merely another crutch to protect the ogliarchy's interests. But the average filipino doesn't realize that. They think the 'foreign' filipinos want to take over the country.

Changing the political system means nothing if The People won't stand together. The Philippines is not a cockfight to be bet on. It is a country, made up of individuals who should be working together, not stabbing each other in the back.

Susan Roces

New Website for Susan Roces is up and running. You can visit this at http://www.susanroces.com .


Hey, it really was from Susan Roces!

As for the website, alas, like FPJ's campaign, it doesn't load.


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