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July 18, 2005



But Heath was no Marcoesque dictator ushering in a new dark age.


You mean Gloria? She has a lot of faults, but that seems a bit strong.

Carlos Celdran

Marcosesque? Dark age? Gosh, have people no memory anymore? You must have been born in the 80's to make a comment like that. At least Gloria's men are not rounding up and systematically slaughtering college students for opposing her programs. She may have also have used public funds for reelection (still unproven) but at least she's not funneling it to Swiss bank accounts and shopping sprees in New York City. Glory may be power hungry but she is not greedy like the way Imelda was. In the words of Melanie Marquez. "Let's cut her some slacks, ok?"


Marcoesque doesn't seem appropriate for someone who just wants to finish 5 more years as mandated by law.

Torn, thanks for giving us hope. :)

james tan

A good friend once said:
It is always darkest before the dawn.
I hope you are right.

As for the confusion of
'marcoesque' or
'marcosesque'. I have encountered
'marcosian' more than once. easier on the tongue.

the 'esque' words I have seen are :
'clintonesque' for the tricky ways to lie.
example. GMA statements are clintonesque.

'reaganesque' for skill
in oratorical delivery.


Ooops, I meant Marcoesque as relating directly to Marcos and his hijinx in the 1970s. In no way was I referring to GMA. I truly think she was doing a good job in getting the economic house in order before all this bruhaha started.


Ah! But Heath WAS ushering in a dark age, we had more power cuts than during Cory's time! Just kidding.

As for Subic (which you mentioned in another comment a while ago) if FedEx goes, perhaps some nice property may come onto the market at reasonable price? The FedEx guy I know has the most fantastic house, with a lovely verandah looking out over the trees. Despite the dilapidation, there is still a lot to be said for the place.


Subic does have a lot to offer, specifically nice, quiet and relatively clean neighborhoods. I just wonder what will happen with major players abandoning the place


Thought this an interesting and thoughtful blog but wondered if it's not worth adding something else.

Heath was ahead of his time. He realised that British democracy was being challenged by the unions, as did many of the mostly TUC sympathetic left -- Barbara Castle and later Shirley Williams. And it was only after Thatcher and her dreadful series of governments that the pendulum swung the other way.

As a complete aside, I would be interested to read what you think of the quality of UK politicians nowadays. To me they seem a dreadful lot, all suits and no substance.

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