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August 30, 2005



yeah g i agree that navjot rockz in commentary

anna de brux

Speaking of sports, I've been reading about the South East Asian GAMES in the Philippines...

The country should be celebrating more, being happier, proudly uniting, enriching itself literallly.

National sports fests are always a way - in most cases - of unifying a people, lifting a sagging morale and more importantly, of boosting a sluggish economy.

A regional or intra-continental sports competition should be an excellent way of treating the ills that plague a society.

Back in 1998, France was feeling the pinch of a morose national and worldwide economy. Politically, the nation was divided with an anti-immigration sentiment dominating all forefronts. Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Front National Party was virtually instigating for a racial divide. He was saying “French First” and even those that were not normally inclined to follow his lead were attracted by his demagoguery.

Labor unions were staging protests left, right and center. The overall national feeling was dissatisfaction.

I really can not pinpoint the whys and wherefores for the national malaise but I remember that there was a worldwide economic stagnation at the time.

However, the 1998 World Football Cup in France changed all that. In an era when national leaders were calling for careful spending, the French spent, shopped and celebrated like there was no tomorrow. What that spending spree did was money circulated; businesses, big and small thrived, employment rose… There were other things that happened but the most important of them all was France united. In one single stroke, the French victory on July 12, 1998 saw politicians, from the extreme right included, and people of all creeds, races, colors, stations in life cry proudly in unison “Vive la France!”, “Vive la République!” This new-found unity continued for a long while and it was good enough for us in France.

The morosity, the malaise, the sluggishness were all replaced by a nationally united exuberance and joy unseen in decades. The World Cup drove up the sluggish economy to heights that the country had not witnessed in two decades and lasted for a good many years while our European neighbours like Germany, Spain and Italy were going downhill.

France proudly displayed, televised its people, its wealth, its culture and its unity to a cumulative audience of 37 billion people worldwide, the largest TV audience in history.

Handled deftly, the SEA games in the Philippines could or could have galvanized the people into action and heal sick Philippines.


I love Navjot's one liners..he is the best indian cricket commentator so far.

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He is a Joker.

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