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August 30, 2005



It's puzzling to me you know, how people can discriminate, even with the sharing of music. I admit I'm often impatient with people who "do not understand" some of my musical choices, but to imply that people should "deserve" music is a bit of an ego trip, don't ya think?

The topic of music is like religion, every body has an opinion, everyone thinks theirs is the one true faith.

wasted gurl

i have a good classic rock and blues collection with me, and i dont mind sharing it with people--especially to educate eager youngsters who go out of their way to look for collectors. i give them free copies without any questions asked. music is to be shared, i think. after all, sometimes it gets quite lonely if you want to talk about that "whole lotta love" portion inserted into a Black Crowes live track, or that unique slide guitar sound on a rare blues song. just my view.

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