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October 05, 2005



well, there's one thing our filipino politicians haven't done yet...


Yes, quite. I was going to say something like that but forgot.

On the other hand, perhaps they have but the CCTV was not properly maintained?

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, politicians are unpleasant weirdos.

Since posting that story, I discovered the possible motive for this apparently inexplicable act. The tipsy lord had had an argument with the staff of the hotel who refused serve him any more booze. Eventually they gave him a bottle of wine to shut him up, but did that stop him from exacting his "revenge" on the hotel? Oh no, he figured out a clever way to get his own back.

According to the police Watson expressed no remorse for the fact that his petty act put many people's lives in danger.


reckless AND unrepentant-- now that's pinoy pulitiko all over.

politicians and CCTV reminds me of erap's casino filipino escapade a while back. that one almost surely cost the employee who handed the tape over his life. i hope whoever made lord watson's little stunt public gets protection from retribution.


I'm very glad you said that. Every time someone tells me what a great guy Erap is I remember Edgar Bentain. I can't help the uneasy feeling that he has been forgotten because he is "just" a poor casino worker. Sorry, "was".

Although the Philippines has some of the best investigative journalists in the world, I think they missed a trick by not following up on the disappearance of Edgar Bentain.

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