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December 16, 2005



Hello Torn and Frayed - I'll admit it: I had to look up Kerala to see where it is (okay, India -- I know that now). You both have a wonderful vacation and post pictures -- just so clueless folks like myself know what's in Kerala. BTW I love that photograph of the kids; if I took one of mine, it would be of her drinking the tree water.


interesting choice of holiday destination. kerala, if i remember correctly, has a communist govt, which explains the 100% literacy rate, lowest infant mortality rate and highest life expectancy rate of all of India's provinces.

i hear the seafood dishes are particularly good there. Wouldn't mind a couple of your comments on keralan cuisine!

A de Brux

I'm off to Penang, Langkawi, KL and the marvels of Malaysia - beautiful country and boy, the beaches, the beaches are clean! Accomodations and food are amazingly cheap...

Have a happy Christmas and an excellent New Year!


And truly Asia, we mustn't forget that. Happy holidays to you too.



whose cats are those? these are mine:


Happy Holidays!

(a couple of my schoolmates in grad school were from Kerala).


Wherever you are, Torn and Frayed, I wish you the merriest Christmas ever! Or at least the most interesting.


Christmas in Kerala was great - 2 nights on a houseboat drifting along the backwaters (canals, lakes) of Kerala with the greatest meals prepared. When we woke up xmas morning, our boatmen had decorated the boat with xmas decor! Still here in India. New Year celebration should be good too. Happy new year to all!

Urbano, tried clicking on link to your cats but wouldn't open.

Gigi, you have a good holiday season too!



try this one instead: http://t2photos.blogspot.com/2005/12/eto-na-eto-na-pusa-sila-pusa-sila.html

 carlos celdran

Read on Taylor's blog you guys are back from India. Welcome back! Hope you had a great new year in India!

See ya soon!


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