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December 04, 2005



wow, excellent insight into the ways of the singaporean govt. your friend Imagethief cut through the crap and hit it right on the head. brilliant.

Singapore: love the food, and the modern efficiency, but what a morally primitive barbaric regime. They're certainly not getting my travel dollars for a while.


U can find more info on hanging here. It is relatively fast and painless, as the spinal cord is broken when u hang. In fact it is probably more humane then the so called lethal injection. Do read more, all the various form of executions are discussed in the site.


Here is some info on botched execution. Lethal injection aren't as humane as u believe. The chemical doesn't always works as u intend it to. And worse, sometimes u can't even tell, cuz the criminal is paralysed by the 2nd jab, and can't even express his agony, cuz the 1st jab did put him manage to knock him out.



Er, thanks William, but I think I'll pass on the websites thanks. I'm prepared to believe you that there are no "humane" ways of carrying out a judicial killing, which only strengthens me in my belief that executing another person is an act of barbarism.

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