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December 10, 2005



Check out this article from the Sunday Herald:
(yellow rubber duckies go green vs. the red, white and blue)


"The turning point, history may record, was the duck moment. It was around midnight on Thursday at the crucial United Nations climate talks in Montreal, Canada, when the chief United States negotiator, Harlan Watson, threw a wobbly. Fearing that a Canadian proposal for an international dialogue on combating global warming was really a covert attempt to drag the US into binding negotiations, he walked out. But not before making the memorable retort: "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

That prompted an imaginative piece of direct action by Phil Clapp, the president of the US National Environmental Trust. On Friday morning his team scoured Montreal shops for rubber ducks, and within hours the little yellow creatures were ubiquitous in the conference centre.

They were paraded by environmentalists, popped up in ministers' top pockets, and even made an appearance on the US delegation's table. The Americans, after being harangued and vilified all week, were finally embarrassed."


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Wish this sort of news could be more widespread! It would bring international good cheer. thanks for that bit, urbano.

carlos celdran

Vive le duck, eh!

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