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January 11, 2006



well, how about posting some more snaps? surely there were items of interest other than a 'handlebar-ed' keralan? And a short review on the local cuisine wouldn't go amiss.


Well, I'll speak on the food since I ate a lot more than Torn. It was great! Kerala is mostly vegetarian so a lot of that - curries but a lot of "dry-cooked" veg too which always came with papads & raita on the side. Also had dosas (like big crepes stuffed with potatoes, paneer etc).. and they are also known for fresh fish. I tried their fried fish Kerala-style (rubbed with spices before frying - yum!) Since Torn loves rotis, he was in roti-heaven. A lot of bottled water, Kingfisher beer & some Indian wine (yes, they make wine using French technical support which wasn't bad). Was a bit worried about the stomach, and even brushed my teeth w/bottled water (their tap water is really dirty) but fortunately, neither of us got sick.

So, we highly recommend Kerala - especially doing the backwaters on a houseboat for a couple of nights. That was the life...

Jon Limjap

So I guess it's as simple as Indians would like to be Mr. Suave, while Pinoys laugh at the idea. :p

Have a nice day, torn and frayed.

christina nelson

This is great! I was just in India (including Kerala), and one day a friend and I sat in a restaurant, looking out a window, and tried to count how many men didn't have moustaches.

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