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January 26, 2006



Frankly i think it's very interesting, and indeed telling, that Hamas has won so convincingly. Hey Dubya, this is democracy at work! The Palestinian people WANTED Hamas in spite of the constant demonisation it receives from the Israelis and the Yanks.

Somehow i equate this victory of the Palestinian people with the latest events in Bolivia where Evo Morales has emerged as the first Indian head of state in 500 years of Bolivian history. The new world (e.g. Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela et al) is starting to turn-- away from the chokehold of the American empire. One by one Third World nations are maturing politically, moving towards self-determination, choosing to do without the ruinous intervention of the greedy Americans...

Wonder when this country will follow suit. Wishful thinking i suppose. Our (depressing) psychological dependency on America is pretty well known around the world. Shame. Makes me ill, really.

What i would really love to see is our version of hugo chavez or evo morales, someone with the balls to tell the Yanks to go f*** themselves. I think that's when the Philippines will finally start on its road to prosperity and modern development.

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