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February 02, 2006



Sign up for credit card electronic statements! That way your billing statements will never get lost in the snail mail system.

(I sound like a walking advert, but I did have to live and breathe e-banking services in a past life).


Same sort of thing happened to me last Spring. As for my own lack of posting - i've got a few in the works but basically I've been lazy!


Wsgal -- actually, I think if I had been using traditional ways of communicating the change of billing address it would have been much simpler. There is nothing like an inflexible and uncommunicative computer system to drive you up the wall.

Skunkeye -- yeah, I noticed that. Get typing! We rely on you for the latest on obscure French movies and cool music. At the very least write a wee Bollywood script and post it below.

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