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February 16, 2006



It really does stay with you for awhile. I saw it yesterday and scenes kept replaying in my head all night. Haven't seen a love story that powerful in ages.


This movie is so good, it is the only one I've seen twice in a row. And I have seen many, many, many films.


I haven't seen the film yet. But I have received the joke.

Brokeback Mountain Weekly Shopping List

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four
Coffee (espresso grind)
2 tubes K-Y

Week Five
Fresh Fava beans
Jasmine rice
Prosciutto, approx. 8 oz., thinly sliced
Medallions of veal
Porcini mushrooms
1/2 pint of heavy whipping cream
1 Cub Scout uniform, size 42 long
5-6 bottle good Chardonnay,
1 large bottle Astroglide

Week Six
Yukon Gold potatoes
Heavy whipping cream
Asparagus (very thin)
Gruyere cheese (well aged)
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
6 yards white silk organdy
6 yards pale ivory taffeta
Case of Chardonnay
Large tin Crisco

Mila Tan

I enjoyed the movie. Enjoyed the scenery out there in Calgary-cum-Wyoming. As a straight woman, probably what appeals to me the most is the underlying sense of frustration that leaves the women in this film struggling through their relationships with the protagonists. For my list of favorite scenes/lines: Ennis' waitress girlfriend telling him off with "Girls don't fall in love with fun." Plus the did-she or didn't-she speculation on whether Jack's wife knew as she tells Ennis about Jack's fate. And reading even further between the lines, I wonder if Ennis was worried about his daughter's future husband.

empress maruja

Hi torn! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm planning to watch brokeback mountain again, but this time on a better seat, and, hopefully, with someone else.


So Brokeback fever has reached Manila!
Actually, as far as getting new releases fast and quality films Manila beats all the Asian cities. I really didn't miss out much on anything while I was there. And those film festivals!
Very thoughtful review!
I always enjoy your take on things and actually agree with you about everything you wrote about Brokeback.
I think if I had seen the film in a less cramped, crowed venue with a better screen and with a less partcipatory and emotive audience, I would have enjoyed Brokeback more. The theater is notriously awful - art houses have become a dying breed in DC so I'm grateful its still in the hood- and it was the only venue showing the film - albeit on three of its screens. The lines were crazy!!!! The whole experience was quite maddening.
This is why I prefer to see films alone and the matinee shows (which this was actually, 1 pm on workday - and the place was jam-packed) - I like my space and prefer to respond privately - like therapy i guess (and I do cry at movies all the time.) I'm quite selfish that way.
Also, the hype and media saturation has been out of control here in the States - and yarg, so many Brokeback jokes on that awful Jay Leno show.... a
nd everyone keeps calling it a "Gay cowboy" movie and they aren't even cowboys - hell, the leads are ranchers - um, sheep herders - just for one summer.
Um, maybe Ennis stayed a rancher, I dunno waht kind of work he did, but whatever...

I saw the Steve Coogan/Winterbottom Tristam Shandy: A Cock & Bull story - I think you would enjoy it. It was fun and clever.


Mila -- Yes, I was glad that the film showed there was a cost to the women involved. Ennis's wife's character is particularly poignant (I liked that story about the note on the fishing rod). You are right, that telephone conversation between Ennis and Jack's wife was quite ambiguous. Also what about that flash during their conversation of a guy being murdered? Was that just what Ennis was afraid might have happened, or is it actually how he died? Or is it deliberately left hanging?

Skunkeye -- Actually Frayed thought I had misrepresented your take on the film, so right after posting this I'll amend the post. Seeing the movie with a Pinoy audience was actually quite fun. Everything seemed to be so daring -- so, when the "Motel" sign comes up showing that they had checked in overnight everyone went "wooooo!".

I completely agree about all the pitiful gay jokes on the networks. It's as though they are trying to a reach a stage of "we are liberal enough to accept a film about alternative sexualities but we haven't lost our sense our humour" but failing utterly. Letterman is just bad in my view.

Will look out for the Coogan movie, I'm a big admirer of his. The news that he had fathered a child with Courtney Love was certainly one of the odder stories of last year. Or did I dream it?

empress maruja

I think the "murder" scene is what actually happened. Jack's wife tries to conceal it during the conversation with Ennis.

Notice Ennis conversation with Jack's Dad.


The most painful for me to watch was when Ennis discovered that Jack had kept his shirt all along, and then smells the jacket to remember him.

I read the Guardian review afterwards, and agreed with this bit:

"...Brokeback Mountain is the story of how most of our lives, gay and straight, are defined by one moment in which things go gloriously and naturally right, when everything falls into place, but which is then infected by the bacilli of wrongness."

john silva

I watched this powerful movie with my lover Jonathan Best. We've been together 30 years. How tragic that other men could only see each other and love each other in that fashion, despite the breath taking scenery. How sad that they had to marry to keep up with the norms and in so doing, hurt their wives. I cried for all the men who wasted so many years living a lie.


Thanks for the nice comment John. Yes, agree about the poignancy of the deceit required to keep up with "normal" life.

By the way, perhaps I did not read the story carefully enough, but how do you visit the new library (other story)? Can you just show up? If you have any info I can add it as a postscript to my post.

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