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February 23, 2006


empress maruja

it started as a coup attempt went kaput before the strike of dawn. what was stupid IMO was that some adventurists were about to stage a coup, and informed the media about it. duh?

i think these tensions today will all be gone tomorrow. people have become apathetic, tired of too much EDSAs.


I can understand disillusionment, but one really must try to avoid being apathetic.

Some links...

Remember what Ninoy stood for, and it's not over:

The People's Revolution on BBC Radio 4:


One more point on "oust": it's an ideologically-charged term. It's different from "resign", which is an appeal/demand to the President (who can choose to ignore it, as she has). "Impeach" of course invokes adherence to the legal process in removing an elected leader. "Oust" is clearly emphatic on extra-parliamentary means to remove GMA.

I like "layas" because it's a command and it implies the illegitimate status of the one being forced out. What I like even better is the dismissive "Alis dyan!" used against Marcos. It means the same thing but is more casual in tone. It's something you would say to someone who doesn't deserve respect.

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