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February 25, 2006


carlos celdran

Solita is the most sober voice I have heard in this whole mess. Sigh. She would have made a great senator. If only she knew how to sing...


I also used to think that Prof. Monsod made a lot of sense, but now I don't. I listened to her speak out so passionately against Erap just before EDSA 2. What's the difference between that situation and now? Erap at least had an unquestionable mandate. And what's the difference between martial law and a state of emergency?


Good questions Carla. Another thing about Winnie Monsod is that she acknowledges all the harm thta the current administration is doing to the political process. In recent weeks she has written excellent columns about the harm done to the concept of a neutral civil service by the Mike Luz debacle and about the ongoing disster at Comelec, and yet her conclusion is to support GMA. I don't get it -- she didn't even vote for her -- she went for Brother Eddie.

She just seems to have such an aversion to the political opportunism of the opportunism (of which, let's be honest, there is plenty). Yet wasn't there political opportunism in 2000/2001 -- notably by the Vice President at the time?

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