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February 27, 2006


Major Tom

Mike Defensor's "You're not on the list" comment seem to show that this government would even go so low as to try to intimidate intelligent people like Randy David. If there was a list---an arrest list perhaps---most probably, Mike Defensor won't reveal it even mistakenly but it slipped his tongue would you believe..


According to David, Defensor's reply to his question "There's a list?" was, "Yes, there are 8 people on the list"


The full list is here: http://news.inq7.net/nation/index.php?index=1&story_id=67808


In fact on Monday police forwarded to the Department of Justice two lists containing "the names of a total of 59 individuals, including members of leftist party-list groups, leaders of the communist party and renegade soldiers, that it said were guilty of rebellion and insurrection 'committed on February 24, 2006,' the day President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo announced she had preempted an attempted coup and declared a state of emergency" -- PCIJ (http://www.pcij.org/blog/?p=670)

Major Tom

That's quite unbelievable...and amazing at that. They could come up with 59 names in such a short time or perhaps their intelligence sources had become suddenly so hardworking that the list comes out like a flash from some magic tricks. The list could only be spurious I supposed.


Boy talk about Torn and Frayed in Manila, huh! Damned Fascists. btw major tom, Romeo Capulong is right...this is a recycled list, although it probably does contain 50% of the active Communist Party membership. many of the names are familiar from 30 years. Joma for example, I hear, sometimes can't make it to the bathroom on time...which makes him pretty dangerous as he is yet to make his mark before the Dutch welfare state forces him into retirement...But I think the communist angle really is a bogey since they hardly represent a new threat. Like Ka Roger Rosal, he's been on the run for decades, yet any reporter or talk show host can get a hold of him at will, at least by cellphone. You'd they'dve gotten him by now.

I think the real target is media, perhaps the one uncontrollable force in Philippine society.


I agree. This whole conspiracy theory is so unconvincing. All these old names and people like "Kim" ... what sort of a list is that? I agree about the media, but think she is also gunning for Anak Pawis and Bayan Muna. She just does not seem willing to accept them as a part of legitimate political landscape--hence all the killings in Tarlac and Samar.

The conept of a "list" is a classic feature of totalitarian societies, widely used in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.


you should read antonio abaya's column in the Manila Standard. talk about classic cold war rabid anticommunism. I cannot believe in this day and age there are still ideological dinosaurs writing vintage 1950s redbaiting-type articles in the Phil press.

My other point is: why the emphasis on arresting left wing personalities? it seems to me that most of the noise, protests, troubles, rallies are really coming from the "opposition" of pro-Erap forces and descendants of former marcos cronies. In terms of GMA ousting attempts, the Left is "saling pusa" in a way, with the Right exploiting their warm bodies-- convenient cannon fodder for 'trapo'-led attempts at 'people power'.

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