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February 13, 2006



It is a sad fact that bullies are to be found everywhere, and detestable that they are granted power when they are employed by the police or the military... am also annoyed that the US or the UK are not even being charged with war crimes (though admittedly atrocities are committed by all).

Jon Limjap

Ah, I guess that's how they define the "war vs. terror" --- by committing terrorist acts themselves.

Then Bush and Blair will come to their rescue saying "they were just doing their duty." Yep, apparently their duty is to terrorize Iraqis now.

No doubt, Iraq looks a lot like Vietnam nowadays.

Madame Chiang

First of all...let me make this crystal clear - I am in no way condoning the behaviour of the soldiers, their behaviour was appalling and unnecessary.

However, just one thought....at this stage we don't know what preceeded the attack...either that day or in previous days...had the group seen one of their number killed, had they seen any other violence which could have pushed them over the edge...

I realise that they are supposed to be trained 'machines' (as it were) but sometimes one thing pushes somebody over the edge and the "pack" instinct then kicks in. I know if I had seen one of my close colleagues killed or injured ...I would be fairly close to breaking point.

As such more of the responsibility of these incidents should fall on the higher command as they should be the ones watching for such occurrences...it seems that in past investigations the blame has been laid only at the door of the soldiers directly involved.

More people need to be reminded of the thoughts in Lt. Colonel Tim Collins speech (link below)on the eve of the invasion of Iraq.


Major Tom

I've seen the gruesome video on CNN yesterday and it finally dawned on me that brutality is such a universal thing, after the Abu Ghraib prison issue that also sent American soldiers in Iraq into a tumultous scandal. Maybe, Hitler's unfathomable cruelty and emotional numbness ain't that unfathomable after all.


The offences are sickening; so is the lack of punishment.


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