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March 06, 2006


Sergeant Pepper

The older brother of one of my high school classmates has been a missionary teaching at one of the Christian schools in Penang for a number of years now. He played fullback on the high school football team because he was built like a fire hydrant and just as hard to tackle. Their dad was a Marine and they were very fundamentalist, long before Reagan and Bush made fundamentalism fashionable. I found him on the internet. He teaches Physical Education and Social Studies.


just think, Singapore would fit easily in the Subic Bay Freeport if you just include Olongapo City. We should be 7100 Singapores. Yeah and I'm all for braless

Major Tom

Sometimes I feel that some nations had to get rich but it'll gonna cost them something. In case of Singapore, they rocketed into wealthiness but somehow they can't have it all and have to suffer ridiculous rules like prohibited bra color as well as inane media blowing innocous news stories.

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brasless??? what the hell are thinking this people? I mean is shameful for a girl go the the school in this way, it's a complicated age and this defintely, don't do more easy that situation.

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Discipline is what makes a place successful. They are doing a good job.

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Braless?? well Ill bet that the guys had no complaining of that one for sure.

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