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April 23, 2006


Madame Chiang

But in the basket on top of the fridge is far cleverer!!! Well trained moggies!


Do you only like short-haired cats? My friend breeds Persians, thought I'd share her site with you: http://www.mightymeows.com/

I took pics for her club last January when they had a cat show: http://www.mightymeows.com/show_jan0806.htm It was my first time to see so many cats in one place. I prefer dogs, but I have to admit, the cats there were beautiful animals.


Hello Grace -- Nice to hear from you. I have no particular preference for breed; e just take what comes along -- our two cats were abandoned. I like Persians' grumpy faces, though as they are valuable I guess no one will throw them away, so the chances of our getting one are slim to zero! Your photos are nice, but I must say I find that cat show thing a bit hard to relate--the rosettes and all that. I showed your friend's site to a couple of Persian owners at work and they enjoyed it.

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