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April 08, 2006



i can relate to what you say. my job is in IT and whenever i work on a customer's server (usually alone, late at night), i sometimes get a fleeting urge to go to the parent directory and execute the 'rm -rf *' command which will, of course, delete everything. i'm never quite sure that i won't go ahead and do it.


Ha, ha. Phew, glad I am not alone in these crazy desires. I used to write a lot of speeches in my previous job and I would sometimes use search and replace to substitute, say, "beautiful women" for, say, "health care" (e.g., the government has devoted a large part of its budget to health care). The thought that one day I might forget to change the speech back always gave me a thrill. The things we do brighten up our humdrum lives, eh?


I think it's the same stuff that turns otherwise decent people who are in positions of power into madmen (or madwomen). To be able to do something simply because you can is something that most people are not equipped to deal with.


I've also had the irrational desire to scream something off-topic while seated in a conference room with a microphone in front of me. The last time was in February at the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland, which I was visiting as part of my human rights course. Guatemala was presenting its periodic report to the Committee for the Elimination of Racism.
The officials just kept droning on so I kept switching my simultaneous translation feed to listen to the Chinese translation, which was extremely funny as the Chinese translators looked totally bored and seemed to be only translating every 20th word being uttered. Either that or Chinese is an extremely compact language!


Ha ha. Funnily enough, my friend was also talking about UN meetings. There is something so absurd and pompous and completely irrelevant about them -- and that little green button is just a few inches away! "Excuse me, can I just interrupt the speaker to say ... ".

Kal London

I am sooo relieved that there are other people out there that share the same crazy thoughts as me...

My main one is that I imagine myself suddenly lungeing over and kissing the person who is talking to me with absolutely no warning.. Not coz I'm attracted to them, or because i need some action, but more because it would shock the living daylights out of them! Now I am a heterosexual girl of 21 years old, but the person I want to jump on could be anyone!!Sometimes I almost laugh if they are someone important or highly reserved!!!

I have always thought I was slightly bonkers with these thoughts, maybe I am?! But I'm glad I'm not the only one..

I think I have these thoughts coz in the world we live, sometimes its hard to just let the tension out and do what you want u really want to and say how you really feel and what's really on your mind... Or you feel that you want to shock the person because they are making you feel less equal...or your just a crazy moose..

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