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April 26, 2006



T & F, first time writing you.
My little take on plagiarism especially on newspaper use of some pictures or quotations is that some understanding on deadline or presswork pressure should be given. Editors worth their salt do not and will not willfully copy or use another's intellectual property without at least proper acknowledgment in print.
If such a "copying" happens, it may be presumed that lack of material time to verify or confirm true ownership was the most probable cause. Of course, it's an entirely different case when the article or picture is directly claimed to be the author's when it is not. Intellectual dishonesty, to my mind, is even worse than plagiarism although both are generally considered one and the same thing. declared to be ownersnew i


Concept theft in the Philippines is pretty common. I remember a brouhaha with ABS-CBN a few years back where some seniors in management 'stole' the ideas of interns...or something to that effect. In the US, producers and execs have specific rules about how to handle proposals. Even then, incidents like the one involving J.Lo's "South Beach" do happen.

On the other hand, do google up Spider Robinson's sci-fi short story "Melancholy Elephants." That one uses copyright, plagiarism, and creativity as a basis. The story is available from a number of sites.


Welcome Wordweaver -- Yes I agree that there are different stages in this "theft" business and some are worse than others. I think someone once said that if you steal from one person it's called plagiarism, steal from many and it's research.

Hi Dominique -- Stealing the work of interns and not giving them credit? That IS pretty low! I'll look out for the book.


No question using somebody else's work without credit or compensation is wrong (I know compensation is a very outlandish idea in the RP). Sheila apologised - end of story.

That bunch of vile and uninformed thugs commenting on Sassy Laywer is whole different story. I posted there twice trying to help with some answers to questions and got heaps of mindbendingly stupid attacks on both occasions. I didn't mind until I observed the Sassy Lawyer doing it herself to somebody who made a very clear, polite and sound argument.
I haven't gone back to her blog ever since.

empress maruja

thanks for featuring my sad story. as of now, i love paris is not being given the green light. but if the film company starts with the shooting in paris, i hope it has nothing to do with my storyline.


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