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May 23, 2006


Pinoy Gen Y

"as drug paraphernalia. iTunes ain’t gonna be be much use"

But the iPod is? You can snort a line on its shiny back. But anyways, us Pinoys are more into MJ's and E's and Toba so this point is moot.

As for albums, I was in high school around 90 to 95. I believe it's what shit you hear in high school that grows into you.

I take it you HS around the 60's? God that was a good time to listen to albums. I listen to some record from that period

90's was just as good. I used to buy my cassettes when I was just your typical HS pinoy kid with 70 bucks a week allowance. Now that I'm a rich overseas late 20's noypi I can buy all the record I liked in HS in VINYL and listen to them through my P300,000 hi-fi speakers while smoking MJ (sometimes no need).

But like you it makes me wonder what kind of shit kids listen to nowadays. All music that comes out now is crap or derivative. LIke you I wonder if digital killed true, organic, musical experience? Will kids nowadays ever feel the bliss and zen from listening from an album with topnotch music from track 1 to track 14 (despite the occasional 1 or so lame tracks)?

Sometimes, when I'm on the plane or train, I'd listen to the downloaded songs sequenced like the album on my Rio Karma, but the experience, sadly, is not just the same as sitting in my lounge with the volume cranked up me feeling the vibe from my the music in my vinyl to the needle to the amp through the speakers.

Or maybe like you I'm just an old fogey, even if I'm just in my late 20's?

Naaah! Kids today don't know what their missing.


This is so interesting. I have low respect for music artists who leave the packaging of their work to the record label.


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