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May 23, 2006


Pinay in Barnsley

I told Martin about it las weekend and he was laughing his head off just hearing my account, he hasn't even seen Guy Goma's priceless expression...!


his facial expression in the first few seconds = absolutely classic. this is beyond funny...he went along with it!! hahahaha.


Yup! The video has captured his facial reaction, priceless!

I just loved the BBC even more, :D


i have witnessed that expression often in the IT industry whenever the salesman introduces the technical guy to the customer as an 'expert' in a particular field.

Major Tom

Can't believe it happened. But it did. can't keep myself from laughing as I watch Guy Goma's terrified demeanors. Maybe he should be so famous now and become a movie star or something like that.

anna de brux


Gosh, that was one interview for the record! "Le Best des Gaffes" sort of thinggy!

The guy, er Guy must have been so shocked - poor guy, er Guy, his French accent became more pronounced after the 2nd question...

Oh boy, oh boy! C'est incroyable mais vrai...


I loved this story. But on a deeper level, I like how it demonstrates that often what we see on TV is such generic stuff. In a small sound bite what can one say which has lots of meaning. The other thing it shows is that the "common man" is an expert on many things and with some TV exposure can become famous. I would like to see Guy with his own tv show or at least a series of commercials. I just love it!

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