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May 10, 2006



The scariest bit was your description of the National University: "..hordes of fresh students all dressed like exactly like little adults with white shirts and black pants..." Very very creepy.

Manila is a mess: nothing works, poverty everywhere, corruption, underdevelopment, stagnation, Third World. And Singapore is modern, clean, green, prosperous, everything works, efficient, First World. Yet i would be hard-pressed to say which country is better off.

Singapore may have solved the basic human problems of food, clothing, shelter, jobs, but it remains barbaric and "un-human" in several ways-- the death penalty, the state policy of political repression and intimidation, the pathetic indoctrinated subservience of its automaton citizens...

For someone who is sick and tired of complaining about the Philippines, i can appreciate the successes of Singapore, but then the Lion City's horribly oppressive Big Brother system grates against every single democratic bone in my body.

Maybe we're not as 'malas' here as i thought.

Jon Limjap

Errr... I don't get it. How did who intimdate who? You are intimdating because you are popular? Hah?


There is a balance to be sought when it comes to freedoms. Singapore is in the prosperous but oppressive quadrant of that balance, the Philippines is in the free but poor quadrant.

I dream of the day we see ourselves in the "free and prosperous" quadrant. Sadly though sometimes I think we're heading towards the "oppressive and poor" quadrant akin to many African countries.


As a Filipino I'd be happy to get Singapore style quasi-dictatorship to get their level of economic success. We're in a quasi-dictatorial society anyway, with the killings of journalists and indigenous groups, and leftists left and right so why not go full on with dictatorship?


To asdf who said, "As a Filipino I'd be happy to get Singapore style quasi-dictatorship to get their level of economic success." Please read my comment on the "Marxist Conspiracy" and then ask yourself whether you, your family and your fellow countrymen are willing to pay the price of giving up your civil freedoms (which many take for granted) in exchange for a prosperous nation in which the majority of citizens are self-centred, self-interested, self-satisfied sheep who don't really give a damn about human rights or the welfare of their neighbours as long as the fucking government keeps bribing them with Progress Packages and Workfare Bonuses. Think about that first, put yourself in our shoes first before proclaiming that you'd be happy to exchange one form of tyranny for another, just because the other one seems to be more economically successful than the other. For me, there can be no compromise or exchange. It's either liberty or death.

Collis Chang

I think I'd rather be in a poor society and work hard to become rich and maybe enter politics - than live in a rich, oppressed society where your handphone lines are tapped illegally by the second son of Harry Lee Kuan Yew, where the MPs in parliament are little better than eunuchs of the imperial Lee Dynasty - castrated and incapable of standing up to the Dictator. Now that all our CPF funds have mysteriously gone missing, Harry and Ho Ching [that useless bitch] are pretending that nothing is wrong. Something is wrong, mind you. They have squandered a large sum of our CPF money in the debacle of the Suchow Industrial Park. They are unable to give us back our money at 55. I think all Singaporeans of all races shd vote them out of office in 2011 and a grand inquisition shd be made to see just how much money we have in our foreign reserves. What if like Marcos the Lee family suddenly runs away to Switzerland with the billions of our national reserves? Do we let them do that? No way - stand up for Liberty, my friends. Demand on an online petition, that they return our money. Maybe the Filipinos can tell us a bit abt how to organise a people's party revolution, eh?


"Please read my comment on the "Marxist Conspiracy" and then ask yourself whether you, your family and your fellow countrymen are willing to pay the price of giving up your civil freedoms (which many take for granted) in exchange for a prosperous nation"

"Now that all our CPF funds have mysteriously gone missing, Harry and Ho Ching [that useless bitch] are pretending that nothing is wrong."

Think of it this way. Filipino farmers do back breaking work and don't EVEN get a CPF. Their employers don't contribute, they don't contribue. When they retire they have no nest egg!

As for your lower-middle to middle class Pinoy, their nest egg is just enough to buy groceries and pay rent for the week! Not much of a retirement if you ask me.

"They are unable to give us back our money at 55."

Is this true? Fuck I fell sorry for yous. Anyway take comfort in the fact that retiring Aussies are being "encouraged" by Johnny Howard to keep working til they die, because there ain't gonna be that much young people to pay for the old generations pensions. But this has more to do with dwindling birthrates.

Singapore MAYBE just had a run of bad luck with recent investments by LEE and his family. I heard that BIOTECH investments ain't paying back that much. But that's the risk you take from gambling in future development. Who know what's gonna happen in the future?

Just hope the Peeps you choose to replace Lee will take you the extra mile. Despite this dude's recent "bad hands", he's had a string of flushes, and royals, and straights, and full houses the last 30 years or so. Just hope you pick a good gambler in your next election.

P.S. Be kind to my Filipina compatriots down there in SIN-gapore. Respect and good luck to yous.

Basil Pereia

I think the road to freedom is a long one. America was largely a white supremist society, and democracy was only for the angmohs, so was religion. Only in 1955 or so when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a blue eyed fat angmoh, did the civil rights movt take steam - this after nearly 350 yrs. Ditto England - from their absolute monarchs for abt a thousand yrs, a corrupt king led Oliver Cromwell and gang to depend for more rights. It was abt 4oo yrs ago. Democracy was transplanted, forced upon them [the Brits] - it didn't evolve in a journey of a thousand yrs. Whatever you say abt Harry Lee and his boys, I do believe we shd give them credit for not bringing us down the road that many African nations are in ... With good planning and excellent leadership, largely incorruptible, Singapore is the second richest country in Asia. I believe the PAP realise Singaporeans are clamouring in their own way, through the internet and stuff, for more 'leeway' from Harry Lee and his boys - more liberty, more acceptance of satire done in an elegant way. They are learning - and so must we. Please read colonial history, and the history of the black slaves of America - the british were no angels. They treated Singaporeans as second class citizens, they were largely racist. Hopefully in another 20 yrs, we will have a more gentle environment - with a wee bit more liberty. Learn to forgive the PAP - they do their best. It's not easy ruling over 3 million hot headed Singaporeans all demanding liberty - as if it were a spoon of salt or sugar!


I must agree that singapore muz be democratic in order to progress. Alike for business to have competition in order to improve. i am a singaporean, proud to be one. i love telling people that i am from singapore whenever i travel overseas. However there was once in HK, by chance i happen to be sitting beside a newspaper exceutive from "Apple daily" on a ferry to Macau. He knew i was from SG. He critise SG democracy and Lee Kuan Yew ways of dictator-ship. I was so embaress by the way he talk abt SG yet agree with every of his words. I myself respect Lee kuan yew and other ministers for their wonderful contribution fro making SG into a developed country. i also disagree with the way they control almost all major industries in singapore. Telcos, transportation..etc and still get a huge pay check every month. Another issue i would want to bring up is the Foriegn students intake by singapore institute. Y muz the govt could afford to spend so much $$ on foreign student education and what the foreign student need to do in return is to work in SG for a few year. So simple!! By doing so, it will make more Singaporean graduates harder to find jobs, allowing the employers to quote a lower than average salary. Minus CPF, there is barely nuts to survive. There is actually lotsa local talents within SG yet SG govt do nothing to nuture them. For This, i am very disappointed. There is still more to be said but i would rather not countinue. I let my actions(voting) do the talking this GE. Everywhere i go in SG, Its sad to see my fellow Singaporean complaining abt our govt but when it come to voting people still vote for them. Something i really can't understand. This GE is no surprise too, Singaporean are still too scare to choose. Hopefully things will be better in the next GE.


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