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May 14, 2006


carlos celdran

New layout? It's cleaner. Miss the sidebars though in the opening page.

ivan the streetwalker

Is it because we ape and wish ourselves to be little brown brothers (forever)?

I noticed that a lot of English speakers in the Philippines speak with a certain hushed 'arrogance' that you would not normally not feel in say Singaporean or Malaysian English. This is especially true when I hear college girls from certain schools speak their brand of English.

Do they have that in India to?


"Is it because we ape and wish ourselves to be little brown brothers (forever)?"

Speak for yourself my 3'5" compatriot. Never have I thought of myself as a little brown brother, so don't be using "WE" again.

But to answer your question, the American English's equivalent in India would be a British accent.


Hi Carlos -- No, the format is the same. Perhaps the sidebars took a little long to load the day you visited?

Ivan and Lita -- I think a proper understanding of the differences in English pronunciation among Filipinos (and their sociocultural relevance)is really only possible if you were born here, so I'll keep out of that one. However, speaking as someone from neither India nor the Philippines, I definitely find Pinoy English easier to understand. In fact of "non-native speakers" (although of course English is the first language of quite a lot of Filipinos) I think Filipinos have among the clearest diction (or at least the closest to the standard American English that most of the world is used to).



I stand corrected. I meant, a good number of Filipinos (inluding the likes of sexy starlet and sex toys businesswoman Asia Agcoaili) who make a conscious effort to sound like theyre originally from Southern California...and Ive seen some of these people cajole certain Juan de la Cruzes for their 'karabaw' (read: Filipino-accented) English.


I could be wrong but Im assuming that most of the contacts that you have with Filipino English stems from the Metro-Manila-
and that of course would be easy to digest for a native English speaker's ears. ;o)


ivan: I concur with you 100%

Anna Sibal

I once watched a program on ANC which claimed that the Filipinos' proficiency with the English language is slipping, and that out of 100 applicants to call centers, only three to five are hired because of poor English language skills. Blame it on the proliferation of "Taglish" and the poor quality of education. Unless we see a turnaround soon, which I sincerely hope that we do, India may yet win the competition.


all the fillipino's speak taglish it is not english.I am in dubai for many years i know lot of your kabayans,out of 100 5 can spek normal english forget about the best.

The California Kid

Greetings manilastreetwalker,

You wrote:

My experience is mostly with Filipino English speakers from Cebu, Mindanao, Negros Oriental, and Biliran - many of these people are originally from the rural provinces - I have no trouble understanding their English and I find the Filipino accent very pleasing to my ears.

I have experienced tech support help from Indian call center operators, while in a few instances I have had outstanding support, many times I have trouble understanding the Indian call center operators.

If I were in a position where I was opening a call center I would prefer to open it in the Pilipinas than in India.

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