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May 14, 2006


ian underwood

The Singapore press - the Straits Times - is essentially like the Pravda. They're a sycophantic press that sucks up to the PAP. Harry Crab Lee often says "We need a loyal press." - meaning we need a press to say yes, dear Harry ... and support all his lies. Harry Lee once called JB Jeyaretnam "a black skunk" during a select committee, right in front of national TV. That to me was a very racist comment. Indians are not only black, but give off a distinctive foul odour, is it, Harry? That's why most Indians and Ceylonese vote agst Harry Lee and his bunch of eunuchs. If you insult a man and insult his race, do you think that race will respect you? If James Gomez was Malay or Chinese, do you think Harry wd have bullied him? No, of course not. Harry Lee Kuan Yew is essentially a chauvinist who promotes only his race and its culture - eg. Speak mandarin campaign - and even when his race betrays him - as did the chinese communists in the Suchow project - he still forgave them, even tho' Temasek Holdings lost $177 million - causing Lee Hsien Loong and wife Ho Ching to withold CPF savings till 62. To cover up the many lies of Harry Lee. DIRTY HARRY is now being sold illegally in London and Sydney ... you guys shd read it - you will be shocked at the things Harry said abt Sukarno [a mad despot] and abt the Australians ["a breed of loafers and beer barrelled louts with a history of crime .. their ancestors were all Irish convicts ..."] I am sure the Australians will hate him even more now .... Harry is a liar and a tyrant and his whole family is corrupt .. withdraw your CPF and migrate, or stay and vote opposition now.

Fight for your Liberty. Have a Bill of Rights or a First Amendment incorporated in your constitution. I live overseas, so I care a damn if Harry Lee reads this. I have a black belt in taekwondo and will kick his goddam ugly jaws - okay1

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