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May 14, 2006



Why the preoccupation with leftists? Hey you're a white dude. The kidnapping wings of the left specifically target people like you. So be careful what you wish for, you might just be needing the help of the military when you're critical ass gets kidnapped.

Our country is slowly descending into the grips of Mao style revolution ala Nepal. We cannot just be sending lefties to jail and have the problem come back at us when they get released. One leftie person off the face of the earth means one leftie person less with a gun.

Leftist groups (bayan, akbayan) and the extreme left-they're all the same. It's like moderate Islam wills the time that the whole world will be under Islam. They may not do anything about it, but they certainly support terrorists. Same with those Akbayan and bayan freaks. They may not be in the mountainns shooting at our military but they will support them when they gain momentum. The only thing deterring those moderate left right now is that the military still has some semblance of control. If those NPA make inroads into chaos in the urban areas those moderates will jump aboard the radical ship, so the military has to send a strong message to their group.


I love my country and you know that the left are misguided. Look at what they stand for: 1.unilateral debt repudiation (will downgrade credit rating of Philippines and kill capital inflow to companies thus increase unemployment)
2. redistribution of hacienda lands (individual farmers will become uncompetitive and threaten our food supply)
3. free education, medicine, housing etc. (will drown Philippines in debt)

Do I really want my misguided countrymen to take over the helm of government? NO! They will only do worse. That is why I support my military's strong tactics against these "dumb" misguided unrealistic commies.


Sigfrieud -- I’m glad you love your country, I do too. In answer to the points you raise, I’ll just say this. You are concerned about a general break down in law order and the spread of random violence. So am I, so we can at least agree on that. Yet the countries that have descended into chaos—Colombia, Nepal, Nigeria—are precisely those where the state has permitted death squads and the exercising of arbitrary violence by state agents such as the military and the police.

I don’t know whether Elena Mendiola, the Bayan Muna-Cagayan Valley secretary general killed last week, had links with the NPA or not. We’ll never know now because she’s lying in a grave with a bullet in her head. That’s why human societies have justice systems, so they can act as neutral arbiters in disputes between different interests and groups. The solution you seem to be in favour of—allowing the faction you support (the military) to destroy those you oppose ("dumb misguided unrealistic commies”) without any recourse to a system of justice--can only increase the spiral of violence. You may want to live in country like Colombia, but I don’t.


bakit miss earth ang picture sa entry na 'to? hnmmm....

Your proposal is a pussy proposal.

We all know that one of the tactics of guerilla and protracted warfare is to blend with the civil society at large (protest jailed dissidents as "violation of human rights"), take advantage of its institutions (pork barrel that buys arms), and strike when a critical mass (ie lots of poor people that turn to the communism because of commies' destruction of infrastructure and industries) gets established.

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