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May 31, 2006



Great to hear from you Torn!
Haha... yeah, actually life in DC has been a bit dull and uninspiring lately - I keep on meaning to get around to posting, I'm really way out of the blogging groove right now! I've been sort of on my own planet lately - especially since I've been working from home and not going to an office.
Film-wise, its been a rather disappointing season and I haven't bought much new music lately (Actually, i've become a download freak and that how I've been spending most of my computer time!). There have been some amazing art exhibits that I've wanted to write about but are now gone - Hiroshi Sugimoto at the Hirshhorn and Sackler, Dada at the NGA (now in NYC), and I went to the Cezanne show a million times because I've had so many out of town guests staying at Casa Skunkeye. I've been commuting to Baltimore every week for school and spending too much time and money on my alley garden (which doesn't make for very interesting posts). I've also been obsessed with teaching myself how to prepare Vietnamese cuisine.
Went to the gala opening of a Fil-am Smithsonian show the other week and wore a barong for the first time in about five years (and frighteningly had a hard time finding one that still fit!) - it was nice to touch base with my peeps.
Kitty G is making a special trip to stay with me this summer and i am looking forward to that tremendously and will try to gather together various Philippines types living in DC for a dinner party for her.
Miss you guys very much and am grateful to have you and Walk This Way keep me up-to-date on my much-missed Manila. That Souzy blog creeps the crap out of me. Give Frayed my love!
At any rate, i need to find my blog-muse again!
also, I was caught up in jury duty recently for a nasty murder trial - it was almost Skakespearean in scope - kinda like a DC version of the Sopranos - except with urban youth in doo-rags - intriguing but ultimately very disheartening since this was just one episode in a larger pandemic in this city.

carlos celdran

Saw that ad ont the hiway too! Actually I really had to stop and think and analyze the ad for a few seconds. I actually thought it had too many conceptual levels to deal with for someone who had to read it from a car. Then again, some billboards have full paragraphs of text which are a lot more dangerous to deal with too.


that's one clever ad :).. anyway, nice, cozy place you got here :)..

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