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July 15, 2006



Also goes to show what type of people this mayor likes to keep company with -- long-time thugs.


Now I wonder if the jeepney driver's family will ever see justice, or will this case sag into oblivion like many others here in Manila?


This from Saturday's Journal Online.

MANILA Mayor Lito Atienza’s aide-turned-murder suspect Noli Sugay appeared yesterday afternoon at the office of Manila Police District director Chief Supt. Pedro Bulaong supposedly to surrender.

To the shock of mediamen, Sugay was escorted out of the premises by two city hall lawyers and allowed to leave without any charges. The media, except for two reporters and crew of Channels 2 and 7, were not allowed to interview Sugay.

Sugay was not turned over to the Homicide Section and was quickly whisked out of the headquarters accompanied by Atty. Maureen Tolentino-Villa, legal chief officer, City Hall Administrative Division, and Atty. Mayo Ramos.

Bulaong said that as far as the MPD is concerned, no complaint has been filed against Sugay.

People’s Tonight, however, gathered that the slain victim’s family had expressed apprehension on MPD’s discretion on the case.

The murdered victim’s family has given an official statement to the National Bureau of Investigation.

This means the NBI will file the formal complaint in behalf of the victim.

Sugay is reportedly a close associate of First Gentleman Mike Arroyo.

Major Tom

This may be to Atienza's own disadvantage since this would surely stain his political reputation. If the suspect would go scot-free, this could be surely used for political bickerings in the next coming election...


What reputation? You must be joking if you think a thug like Atienza cares what people think of him. He has the support (and money) of the administration to fight a campagn plus all the money he has creamed off from construction contracts -- that will be enough to buy the votes of the urban masa (again).

Jem Santiago

If this Sugay ever stands trial I'll be anazed. Did you hear what Atienza said "his name is being dragged in the mud by media” -- what a disgusting comment.

The nextstage is obvious. pressure will be put on thre family to withdraw their statement and then everyone will forget about it. Well done the Star for its editorial

A. Ponce

I think it is high time to release the horrible smell that Atienza has been hiding from the public. He has a close relative based in New York who is directly involved in smuggling. The said relative of the Atienzas could slip in smuggled goods in the country because of the money he had circulated in the Bureau of Customs. What is the name? I’ll just have to keep it secret as of this time…..

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