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July 24, 2006



Ugh, this is so disgusting -- I'm completely sick to my stomach. Is his boss ever going to be held accountable for (1) hiring an ex-convict (violent criminal) into a government position (2) equipping him with weapons (3) allowing him to escape/leave the country???

I didn't think so either.


In is common knowledge here in the U.S. Bay Area that Noli Sugay was involved in carnapping activities sometime in the 1980's before he fled back to Manila. I have known this person since High School and his brother Willie. Both are violent and arrogant. Their father used to be the Executive Assistant of Mayor Antonio Villegas of Manila. How they managed to carry such influence until now is pathetic.


this is for Gigi. you do not know what youre saying. if you have the guts, furnish your full name, and see if you can face said noli sugay in a court room. for 1, you got no knowledge of what youre talking about. if you are hat interested, make a research on what you claim. noli sugay has NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME IN THIS COUNTRY. wanna bet your ass on this?!!


This is for Jes. wouldn't you rather say noli sugay HAS never killed anyone in his life? But maybe you can't really say that, can you. Maybe you are right he hasn't been convicted. You will probably win that bet. But neither have many criminals like OJ Simpson. He killed that man in front of many witnesses, remember? It just means he has connections.

oh, and how bout "furnishing" YOUR real name. Maybe it contains sugay in it? You sound like a relative (or one of his goons)


Wow, lost for words, been here in the states for so long.Never heard of this, but in fairness, his father, the late Jose Sugay is a very respectable man.


thats ryt....sugay clan will rise 4ever


One bad thing about you gigi is that you take everything you see over the internet as real and true, judging with what other people say and believing them at the same time, have you ever tried searching your OWN family background?. fearful isn't it?. Investigate that said issue first before commenting. I AM PROUD OF WHO I AM and i ASSURE YOU. Everything that was stated on the news are just B.S. of the media to cover the anomaly of the officials on the government.

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