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August 14, 2006



Please read bryanboy.com 's hilarious comment on Isagani the fossil.


Ha, ha -- that's a good one. I haven't read Bryanboy for quite a while, he quite brightened up my morning. Here's the link for anyone interested in reading his views on Cruz or even the intriguingly titled "Do we look like our own genitalia?" http://www.bryanboy.com/bryanboy_le_superstar_fab/2006/08/revolting.html#more


I've heard a number of people, including the saintly Torn, suggest that the Inquirer is a fine newspaper. I have no idea where the notion comes from. I think it is a shameful rag given the role that it could and should be playing in a country where nearly all politicans, from the majority or the opposition, pursue suspect agendas.

The Inquirer shares the same fault as all the other dailies -- it has the attention span of a gnat, and is utterly unable to follow a story for more than a few days. All it takes is another privileged Senate speech with yet another loony, self-serving accusation, and it and the others are all off in a different direction, zipping around like schools of demented sardines. (Okay, gnats and sardines in the same par is not exactly Pullitzer stuff, but it's been a tough day.)

Compare the Inquirer and the Star to the two English-language dailies in Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post and the Standard. Both are fine, modern-looking newspapers (the Inquirer and the Star are utterly style free), but also tenacious reporters. They will stay with a scandal until the villain is flushed out and reporting has to stop because charges are laid and contempt of court limitations kick in.

Here? Another day, another headline, another wasted opportunity.


Er, good morning to you too! I’m not sure what provoked this outburst of spleen. Are you saying the Inquirer should have prevented Isagani Cruz from publishing his opinion piece? If so, I’m not sure I agree. It didn’t do him much credit, but it was his opinion and that is what he is paid to give. Presumably there are certain lines with opinion pieces (e.g., if Cruz’s piece was an overt incitement to violence against homosexuals then presumably it would not have been published) but, although I didn’t agree with him and actually thought it was quite a weird article, I’m with Voltaire on this one.

In fact the lively debate in the inquirer (two pieces each from Cruz and Quezon) and especially in the blogosphere has shown the free exchange of opinion in the Philippines in quite a good light in my view. Important issues have been aired and thoughts stimulated, I think that is positive.

This guy has an interesting take on the controversy, especially on the violence of some of the language that has been used to attack Cruz:


Your wider issue, whether or not the Inquirer is a good paper, is an intriguing one. I’ll try to put together something on it.


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